November 16, 2021


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DSP, Omo-Agege advocates trauma-informed training for kids

Senate Vice President Ovie Omo-Agege said trauma-informed education will help children recover from the threat of riot, bandits, brigands and other social vices that plague the country.

He spoke at the International Conference of the Association of Professional Counselors in Nigeria (APROCON) in Abuja on Tuesday.

He described the theme of the event “Trauma-Aware Education in Nigeria” as appropriate, as it comes at a time when the country is facing challenges of insecurity.

Senator Omo-Agege, represented by his Senior Special Assistant for Electronic Media, Ms. Lara Owoeye-Wise, said, “Recently, trauma-informed education has taken off in many countries that are forward-looking and moving with the times.

“This became even more relevant given the increasing tension in the world. Countries, especially in Africa; Especially the countries south of the Sahara and the Sahel zone have become hotspots of terror and all the trauma that goes with it.

“Small miracle trauma-informed counseling interventions for internally displaced persons are part of your subtopic this year. This is undoubtedly in recognition of the fact that many childhood unwanted experiences (ACEs) are driven by events that produce these internally displaced people.

As we know, for the past 12 years Nigeria has fought on many fronts against insurgents, banditry, robbery and other various violent diseases that have negatively impacted many children, further increasing the need for us to complete this form of special education Serious.

“But beyond that, we as a people are also confronted with other growing events that underscore social disturbances in the system. For example, not so long ago the newspapers were flooded with growing concern that more marriages were going to fail than successful when they reported the alarming number of divorce cases in courts in Lagos and Abuja.

“Undoubtedly, such a family displaced scenario has a negative impact on the children, especially the young, in such homes. What we ultimately have would be a subtle trauma, especially psychological, that manifests itself in many ways. These can include withdrawal syndrome of such children, peer mockery, stigma and even victimization, sometimes bullying and even rejection. In the end, we find that such children would tend to fall into the “special needs” category and require special education techniques, methods and methods.

“Another factor that causes subtle trauma is the generally widening gap between rich and poor; a situation that is quickly becoming a serious problem in these previously mentioned sub-Saharan African countries. It is for this reason that Nigeria has taken the initiative and launched programs to lift 100 million people out of poverty over the next ten years. Studies have shown that a child who feels threatened by extreme social or economic conditions such as poverty is very susceptible to a variety of traumatic events. “

He threw his weight behind the group’s offer for a legal framework to professionalize counseling in Nigeria.


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