July 7, 2021


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Dr. Bret Weinstein on American Thought Leaders’ Forbidden Questions

Below is an excerpt and link to an interview with Dr. Bret Weinstein by Jan Jekielek. The world was enlisted en masse – for the first time – in a clinical trial. Without any of the controls required for a clinical trial. How did this become the “patriotic” thing here in the US and around the world?


Bret Weinstein: “Perverse Incentives” in the introduction of vaccines and the censorship of science

“We subject a large part of the population to a scientific experiment, except that it is not a scientific experiment because we deliberately avoid collecting data that would enable us to assess the effects,” says Dr. Bret Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist and co-host of the DarkHorse podcast.

In this deep dive with Dr. Weinstein, we discuss the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, the effectiveness of reused drugs, the Wuhan laboratory leak theory, and this new age of censorship. What scientific data and information are currently withheld from the public?

Below is an urgent transcript of this episode from American Thought Leaders, dated July 3, 2021. This transcript may not be in its final form and may be updated.

Jan Jekielek: Bret Weinstein, I am delighted to have you at American Thought Leaders.

Dr. Bret Weinstein: Thank you for having me.

Mr. Jekielek: Bret, I think we need to talk about censorship today, a variety of forms and some things that seem like censorship, but I’m not even sure it’s right to call it. but it’s definitely going in this direction. Monetization on YouTube was recently turned off.

I understand that your DarkHorse channel is at risk. One of your last guests, Dr. Robert Malone appears to have been kicked off LinkedIn. I think he’s engaging and could come back. We do not know it. Since we are filming here, that’s the state of affairs. Hopefully they will change. What’s happening?

Dr. Weinstein: Well what is going on is trying to be in control of the narrative. I think in a way it got stung by forcing it to backtrack on the laboratory leak hypothesis and trying to keep the discussion of other topics within certain limits.

Mr. Jekielek: This is a … What is it?

Dr. Weinstein: We don’t know. And we can infer certain things from the pattern. We know it’s keen to monitor the discussion of evidence of reused drugs and possible harm from COVID-19 vaccines, but it’s hard to say how it works and what its goal is.


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