September 30, 2021


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Down The Tube By YouTube

Another pull on the noose. YouTube will remove all “misinformation” about vaccines. CHD has been removed. In GroupSpeak it is called Deplatforming. In America this was formerly called censorship. In North Korea this is called loyalty to the dear leader.

What if Autism Was the Test? After America swallowed the lies that autism is genetic and was always there and could never have been from vaccines, the catwalk was ready for what we see today. After tens of thousands of children were chased off school for lack of a vaccine, the jets were messed up. Vaccines will be our nuclear missiles – they will protect us from the evil viruses. The shadowy powers – and we claim we have NO idea who it is (both Republican and Democratic governments have abandoned us) are on the maddening tear to be vaccinated. At all costs. At all costs. We are still here. I hope our tiny size is our shield.

From a NYT article we can’t link:

YouTube said Wednesday that it banned the accounts of several prominent anti-vaccine activists from its platform, including those of Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in an attempt to remove any content that falsely claims that approved vaccines are dangerous .

In a blog post, YouTube said it would remove videos claiming vaccines do not reduce disease transmission or contraction rates, as well as content that contains misinformation about the makeup of vaccines. Claims that approved vaccines cause autism, cancer, or infertility, or that the vaccines contain trackers are also removed.

The platform, which is owned by Google, has a similar ban on misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccines. But the new directive extends the rules to include misleading claims about long-term approved vaccines, such as: Against measles and hepatitis B, as well as falsehoods about vaccines in general, YouTube said. Personal testimony about vaccines, content about vaccine guidelines and new vaccine trials, and historical videos of vaccine successes or failures are permitted to remain on the site.

“Today’s policy update is an important step in addressing vaccine and health misinformation on our platform.

In addition to the blocking of Dr. Mercola and Mr. Kennedy YouTube was removed

the accounts of other prominent anti-vaccination activists such as Erin Elizabeth and Sherri Tenpenny, a company spokeswoman said….

The accounts of such high profile anti-vaccination activists as Dr. Mercola and Mr. Kennedy remain active on Facebook and Twitter – even though Instagram, which owns Facebook, has blocked Mr. Kennedy’s account …


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