August 8, 2021


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Donations result in renovated EHS particular schooling classroom | Native Information

Several companies and workers upgraded and improved a classroom for special needs students at Elizabethtown High School at no charge.

Joyanna Phelps, who will work as a special education teacher at EHS, said she wanted to focus on students’ life skills to prepare them for life after high school.

Phelps said the classroom contained old appliances and cabinets, among other amenities that needed improvement.

“I feel that our students deserve the best of the best, and I feel that it takes a lot of help,” Phelps said.

She said she reached out to Lowe and John Blankenship, Lowe’s district manager, used the classroom for the annual Lowe’s Heroes project after seeing the room and it was selected. Blankenship has a special needs child.

Gina LeBert, district manager for home services at Lowe’s, said Kent Clark, manager of Lowe’s Elizabethtown store, donated most of the materials to the project.

Workers have removed and replaced old cabinets, countertops, and appliances. The room will also get new faucets, socket covers and a paint job.

LeBert said when they saw the scale of the project, several nearby businesses also helped and donated products and equipment. Branch employees also came to help and render their services free of charge.

She said about 20 different workers contributed to the construction of the project. Installation teams that helped include Mendoza Construction, Crume Installations, LC Installations, and Builder’s Pro.

Phelps said they will open a small coffee shop in the classroom for teachers and students to buy a drink. She said this will also help improve students’ social skills. They will also do laundry for various items such as uniforms and aprons.

Phelps said she had seven students in her class, but that doesn’t include teachers, students, and peer mentors.

“We’re really just trying to build the community within our school this year … and just be an integral part of that school,” Phelps said.

The room will reopen on Tuesday.

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