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Does My Baby Have ADHD? First Indicators, Suspicions

The path to an ADHD diagnosis is rarely a straight, clean line. But it starts with someone – an attentive doctor, teacher, caring friend, or family member – who becomes aware of your child’s behavior and struggles. That someone can even be you or your child.

What follows these comments and observations can be denied. Or guilt. Or waiting to see if the symptoms go away. There may be relief, clarity, and trepidation, or a bittersweet mix of all of them – especially once diagnosed.

This is what parents of children with ADHD reported in a recent survey on ADDitude about the first signs, hints and suspicions that their child might have the disease. Read their stories below and share your child’s diagnostic story in the comment section.

Does my child have ADHD? The first signs – Revealed

“I asked our son why he doesn’t like washing his hair. “It’s taking too long and it’s boring,” he told me. “Yeah, it’s kind of boring,” I replied. We immediately decided to have him checked for ADHD. (After I was diagnosed with ADHD myself, I told him he might have inherited the ‘goofy brain’ from mom.) ”- Liz

“My husband first mentioned it when our son was about 18 months old. But I told him that every 18 month old has ADHD! He mentioned it again when our son turned 7. Having ADHD myself, I knew my son was showing signs all along, but I didn’t have the heart to admit it – until my husband answered and took the weight off my shoulders. ”- Anonymous

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“Two different paediatricians in two completely different practices both said to me, ‘ADHD can manifest like this,’ while pointing at my son. I categorically refused your comments. It wasn’t until my son started kindergarten and was sent home a few times a week for behavior problems that I realized that his impulsiveness was a problem. Then, in first grade, he couldn’t read or write at the class level. He was tested for learning disabilities, but that wasn’t the problem. We later found out it was ADHD. Now he excels in school and has been chosen to be the friendliness ambassador for his room! ”- Courtney

“A friend who works with children suggested one day over coffee that my 17 year old daughter might have ADHD. She thought I suspected it too, but it had never crossed my mind. I was shocked by watching them and felt like a terrible parent. How did I not see that? How had it been suggested by no teacher after 13 years of schooling? And why did the educational psychologist we hired years ago never test her for ADHD? I felt like we were holding my daughter and wondering how different her school experience would have been if we had known earlier. We are glad that her medication is now making a difference for her. ”- Anna

“I found out from a psychologist who examined my daughter for giftedness. The psychologist said that my daughter was not only gifted, she was “deeply” gifted. And then came the but. As I sat there with gasping breath, the psychologist said that my daughter also has ADHD. I left this office, made sure I was far enough away, and cried. ”- Anonymous

It was my daughter herself who first mentioned it to me. I knew very little about ADHD other than the stereotypical views I had about disruptive, hyperactive children in the classroom. My first thought was, ‘No, you’re just disorganized.’ I also didn’t notice any of her other “symptoms”. In fact, I was sure that someone had planted the seeds of ADHD in her head and she was quick to cling to it. Then my daughter said: ‘Maybe you have it too.’ Then things started to fall into place. ”- Anonymous

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“Two different friends suggested it to me at the same time. My child failed the first year of middle school after passing elementary school. I couldn’t tell what went wrong. My friends sent me two different articles explaining how ADHD can present differently in girls. The articles were spot on on my child’s profiles. I was relieved to finally have an answer. I had her checked out quickly and in the end she was diagnosed. ”- Reyna

“My son’s second grade teacher raised ADHD, although I was pretty sure he had it when he started kindergarten. His teacher at the time had told sweet stories about how goofy and resourceful he was. She also said that he seemed very much in his own world. ”- Becky

“Something in my heart told me that my daughter’s current behavior problems were much more than that. A simple text conversation with our development ARNP (who was a family friend) cemented it. A short time later, my daughter received her diagnosis. I know now that we can give her the help she needs to kick the buttocks of kindergarten and prepare for the rest of elementary school. ”- MK

“I already knew that the inheritance of the disease is very likely to have children with ADHD (I have ADHD myself). I noticed that my son seemed very active in the womb and I joked that he must have it. As he got older we found he was showing signs but decided not to make a diagnosis until it started causing him problems. He ended up in first grade with a diagnosis. Based on my own diagnosis, I had mixed feelings about having children with ADHD. I know that ADHD has benefits like creativity and passion. But I also know firsthand how difficult it is. I was concerned about my ability to help my children when I was having trouble coping with ADHD myself. I still worry sometimes, but so far it hasn’t been as bad as I thought. ”- Jenalyn

Does my child have ADHD? Next Steps

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