District says destiny of Madison Campus is determined by a number of components; property at the moment listed for $3.9 million | Training

The 95,355 square foot lot is currently listed for $ 3.9 million.

Iowa law requires school districts to follow certain procedures for buying or selling real estate. A public hearing is a mandatory part of the process.

The board of directors started a survey among parents, staff and community members to get suggestions for future use of the facility. More than 950 people took part, according to the press release. Respondents included 478 parents (50%), 325 district employees (34%), and 154 parishioners (16%) for a total of 957 participants.

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Among those who suggested selling the property were the suggestions to use the proceeds from the sale to fund other needs of the district or to reduce the current borrowing. Others spoke of the potential to create additional jobs and tax revenue for the community.

Those in favor of keeping the property suggested moving the district headquarters from their currently rented space in the Omni Center Business Park (which costs nearly $ 250,000 a year) to the facility, with additional meeting rooms for professional development to create, relocate the Kanesville Alternative Learning Center and use the space for other purposes, such as storage, craft training, performing arts, youth recreation or as an early childhood education center, says the press release.


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