October 20, 2021


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Discovering myself by means of writing!

Writing has long been my stress-free zone. I’ve been blogging at Momlifeandlifestyle.com for a year now. And the past year has given me so much confidence and courage to get my writings public.

As a mother of two young children, I am busy with the fact that I sometimes feel lost in motherhood. I’m sure it’s not just me, but every mother out there. If you have followed me a lot, you must have known that I talk a lot about me time and self-care.

Find yourself by writing!

Finding myself by writing:

As I said, it has always been my escape from the world! Writing and reading take me into another world that will only be me and surrounded by things that I love (apart from family and children of course) they are an inner part of a MOM!

My time (writing and self-care):

I always talk about my time writing and reading. I tend to dive into another world when I’m in my comfort zone. Writing and reading are like therapy that pulls me away from all the stress or rather the everyday chaos.

Writing about parenting and motherhood has made me a better person who understands the fact that no parent is perfect and we shouldn’t try to be perfect. This is a reality check for me as I was the type of mother who wants everything to be done right and nothing to go wrong.

But surprisingly things changed after my second child and I dropped things (forever) and as I wrote about my trip I realized that imperfection is a real thing! I found myself in this imperfect world and as an imperfect mother.

Finding myself through writing

Finding yourself by reading:

Well, as a book lover, even you would agree that we would travel to another world with books. We deal completely with the characters and the story. And I am no different. I happen to be in another trans.

I’ve read a few books on motherhood and husband, what a raw moment they share. My favorite are the love stories and they are my happy place.

Whenever I feel lost I know where to find myself. I know where I would be found while lost in the crazy thing of this world. I am so sure that if I lost myself while writing and reading, I would find myself!

Have fun writing to you all!

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