February 21, 2022


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Disappointment in President Biden – AGE OF AUTISM

Here’s a Monday morning eye opener. It’s a divisive topic, so please comment respectfully.

By Katie Wright

When the 2020 Presidential election was over, I remember thinking, “Well at least this new president will be less divisive.” Wow, I couldn’t have been more wrong!!!! Biden sold himself as a brilliant guy, always smiling, so empathetic. Sure, he sometimes mangled the English language and went off on tangents. Biden would never be a great orator, but he would be a kind and collaborative President.

A year later it is abundantly clear that the individual sitting in the White House is truly a mean old man! In one of the first speeches he gave, Biden blamed unvaccinated people for “stalling the economy” and said “his patience was running out” with those who declined the vaccine. What? Biden thinks he is an emperor, not a president of a democracy. He self-righteously railed on and on about why no one has a right to be concerned about vaccine safety, they just need to do what they are told.

Shortly after that nasty speech, here comes Mr. “My, Body, My Choice” ramming vaccine mandates down everyone’s throat. Mandates are mean and stupid. Mean because you are forcing someone to do something they really, really do not want to do or you take that person’s job away. Since when does President want to take away people’s jobs? To take away a person’s means of supporting themselves or their family is a horrible thing to do!! We thank the front-line staff of hospitals for their extraordinary hard work by saying, “vaccinate or be fired!” Mandates are stupid because they only increase mistrust in the government.

This is not Sweden. There is a very small safety net for American workers. Taking away someone’s job puts their whole family in jeopardy. If you lose your job, you lose your paycheck, your healthcare and possibly your housing. Some states are even denying unvaccinated people unemployment! That is so excessively cruel. It absolutely astonishes me that the President, who should be the American worker’s biggest supporter, fully supports these heartless and spiteful policies.

I am so tired of Biden’s Press Secretary Jen “Mean Girl” Pskai. Pskai loves to smirk and speak in the most condescending tone imaginable when demeaning unvaccinated people. Over and over again, Psaki repeats the old man/s false narrative that Covid is the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” That is such a ridiculous lie, I doubt Pskai even believes it, but she shamelessly parrots this inane talking point whenever possible.

I watched Biden have a town hall with Anderson Cooper. Anderson asked if he felt badly about the firing of so many first responders, firefighters, nurses, police. “No!” Biden said with a huge grin on his face. How could an American president literally express glee about thousands of essential workers losing their job?? The amount of suffering Biden is causing tens of thousands of Americans is horrific! Mr. Soft Ball Questions, Anderson Cooper, never brought up the fact that most of the fired first responders HAD Covid, have the antibodies and do not need the vaccine. They resent being forced to have a medical procedure they neither want nor need. Would you get a flu shot AFTER you got the flu? No, because that is stupid.

At no time during this whole mandate business did Biden express ANY empathy at all for all the heroic health care workers he demanded be fired. He never asked them why the reluctance. I doubt he even cared to find out. Bid just wanted his bidding done!

Then came his state mandated censorship of those who doubted the efficacy of the NIH or CDC’s handling of Covid. People who said the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of Covid where instantly de platformed from social media. Prominent scientists had doubts about the supposed “wet market” origin of Covid and argued that a lab leak was more likely. As a result, cenosors immediately got to work, deplatforming all those people as well.

People say, “oh Twitter, Facebook, etc are private companies and can do what they want.” That would be true if not for direct government involvement in these censorship activities. As Press Secretary, Jen Pskai says, “the White House is partnering with Big Tech to combat (so called) misinformation.” I would bet ANYTHING Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg receive daily phone calls from the White House about the “misinformation” they must censor. It’s illegal.

Of course, all these deplatormed people turned out to be correct about basically everything! Meanwhile the CDC and Chinese govt have tested tens of thousands of animals looking for this strain of Covid and no luck. It’s pretty clear we’re dealing with a lab leak. At no time did Biden or the people in his administration apologize or urge social media to reinstate those censored accounts. No, those people needed to be punished for not backing the party line! It doesn’t even matter if they were right! Once again, mean and nasty behavior.

In one breath the president would say, “we are in battle with Covid, not each other!” But not long after that he would promote divisiveness and speak to the American public in a stunningly boorish and disrespectful manner. Over and over again, Biden yells “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated!” That is a total lie because the vaccine does not stop transmission. It is a fact that vaccinated people can give each other Covid. It seems like half the vaccinated people I know got “breakthrough Covid.” Why the histrionic blaming of American citizens, who literally, did NOTHING wrong? Where is the blaming of the CDC and NIH for their atrocious leadership? How about blaming yourself Mr. President for promising “once you get the vaccine you won’t get Covid!’

Biden should have acknowledged the extreme sacrifices of families with small children or disabled children. The sudden absence of school and childcare, halted the careers of millions of women, some may never regain their professional status. Covid was his opportunity to be the conciliatory and uplifting Biden. He should have been thanking single moms, caregivers to the elderly, the families of nurses with small kids etc. for their extra hard work and sacrifice. There is no political downside to being a nice guy. But no, only recently Biden ranted in his latest speech that, “unvaccinated people care costing the rest of us!” No, it’s your vaccine mandate that is costing all of us! Taking away the jobs of tens of thousands of Americans is the cause of the worker shortage!

We need to see a 9/11 style committee look at why we had the highest per capita deaths of any industrialized state, yet massive lockdowns, closed schools and mandatory vaccinations. Why did it take 2 years to provide in home testing kits? Who was responsible for the many smear campaigns on scientists with different points of view? Why 2 yrs in and no therapeutics?? Why vaccination the sole NIH and CDC focus? Why did Fauci deny that natural immunity was real?. Why isn’t the CDC rigorously studying the causes of severe adverse Covid vaccine reactions, instead of dismissing them?

I cannot wait to see the back of that mean old man.


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