Dallas ISD’s Accomplice PE is making an impression on each conventional and Particular Schooling college students

Dallas ISD’s Special Education has implemented Partner PE, an inclusive sports education program that caters to the unique needs of students with a variety of disabilities, with an emphasis on peer teaching and individualized instruction.

Partner PE offers activities that bring together age-appropriate general education (GENED) and special education (SPED) in an integrated framework at secondary level. The class is taught by a state-certified sports teacher and is anchored in the master plan as a regular teaching unit.

The purpose of the program is to encourage physical activity, increase knowledge of health and fitness strategies, and help acquire individual leisure activities and / or skills related to team sports.

The benefits for the selected partners include leadership development, interaction and empathy for students with disabilities.

“They learn valuable leadership skills and empathy with students with disabilities,” said Kelli Hackney, MS, Adapted Physical Education Lead. “It’s a win-win situation for ALL students. Partner PE creates an integrative environment that creates lifelong memories and friendships. “

See some photos of a partner physical education class at Seagoville High School in action in the slideshow above.


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