November 12, 2021


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Dad and mom Who Abdicate Duty? 112 VA Children Overdosed with C Jab.

Virginia Pharmacy gave an incorrect dose of COVID vaccine to children aged 5-11

A Loudoun County, Virginia pharmacy gave some children the wrong dose of COVID-19 vaccine, worried parents and led health officials to send a warning to families on Wednesday.

The number was 112 children, not “some”. And I would like to know if they even had the pediatric product.

The parents are crazy about the 5-11 Covid vaccine and throw any rational caution to the wind. 112 children were overdosed in Virginia just days after the “Shooting Now ask no questions later” campaign. There will be many more mistakes like this one from idiotic pharma technicians and interns (yes, pharma tech interns can dose) who don’t seem to know that the Ped dose has an orange cap and we’re 1/3 the adult dose. Adults start at age 12. How many greedy pharmacies think they could pull a quick pharmacy and use the wrong dose that is in stock to save money? The worst part about it is the complete lack of parental responsibility. Pathetic. There is no other word for it. Here are a few other stupid moves, can you write your own in the comments?

I have the amusement park attendant help my 5 year old get in and put on the seat belt while I grab a cup of soda and a hot dog.

I let my child go to Macy’s locker room alone to try on swimsuits.

My child logs into the Internet and surfs any page.

I leave the vitamins and medication safety cap in our house to save time in the morning.

My child uses the airport toilet alone.

I have a pharmaceutical technician or intern overdose my child with an experimental vaccine that has a critical but easily noticeable visual difference from the adult dose.


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