Dad and mom demand Porter County Training Providers change board assembly time | Newest Headlines

“There are many things that parents with children with special needs have to deal with, and I feel like a lot of people are isolated,” Schwarten said.

“If you can come to these meetings and have the opportunity to be heard by all superintendents, there is a greater chance that some responsibility will be taken.”

The public comment portion of the boardroom meetings is a place for parents to post comments, questions, or concerns they have about the services that may or may not be offered to their child or other matters relating to PCES.

Many parents want to come to the meetings and take part in the public commentary, Schwarten said, but cannot because of the timing of the meetings.

Parents’ concerns, she said, could be anything from making sure an IEP is properly followed to staffing issues.

Twenty minutes is reserved for public comment at PCES board meetings, but may be extended by a vote, according to board guidelines. The public can also request that an item be added to a board meeting, but must do so at least seven days in advance.

Due to the pandemic, many school authorities have started broadcasting their meetings via livestream, but PCES board meetings are not available via livestream or any other video platform.


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