August 7, 2021


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Column: Placing schooling within the palms of the scholar | Neighborhood

If 2020 taught us everything, it is that education evolves to meet the demands of a new generation. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual learning exploded in the educational landscape and has settled permanently. While the district believes that it is best for students to participate in the traditional setting to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern students and the family, Comanche High School is excited to develop a new virtual one and to announce mixed educational experience known as the EmpowerED Initiative.

Although the district has offered online courses for more than a decade, this program offers an innovative opportunity for one-to-one learning. Participating students can choose to access all courses online or combine their learning experience by taking some courses in traditional classrooms. CHS EmpowerED students also have the opportunity to participate in on-site extracurricular activities such as sports and arts programs.

The free online educational opportunity offers 9th to 12th grade students the opportunity to study on their own. Highly qualified, certified teachers provide online lessons and work closely with students and parents to customize lessons as needed. Teachers monitor student progress weekly through FaceTime, Google Classroom, email, phone, and weekly in-person meetings with each student.

The EmpowerED initiative is not distance learning. Distance learning was introduced as an optional enrichment program to continue education in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic. The CHS EmpowerED program is a rigorous educational solution that conforms to Oklahoma academic standards and offers a personalized, bespoke, and self-directed curriculum that can replace the traditional in-school learning environment for students who require this option.

Students are guided by a personalized learning plan developed jointly by the students, parents, representatives from career guidance and / or special education and a representative from the Comanche public schools. This planning process offers much more parental control over course selection, learning location, and pace of learning. A combination of educational classroom programs is used, including programs such as Acellus, Edmentum and Odysseyware, as well as custom projects and writing assignments based on the student’s interests, skills and hobbies.

The EmpowerED initiative was designed to meet the growing needs of high school students and families. The program offers personalized, flexible education that allows students to connect to the internet from anywhere. Families can create their own learning plans and parents can control their students’ learning environment.

Pupils and families can choose not only from their core subject classes, but also from a list of additional elective and elective subjects that the school would otherwise not be able to offer in a small school environment.

In addition to a self-determined, flexible educational solution, students have the opportunity to develop skills such as organization, initiative, responsibility and time management. One of the more attractive aspects of this program is that not only does it provide students with an external and flexible learning option, but it also enables them to continue participating in the activities, organizations, and teams that make for a rich and enriching high school experience.

If you are interested in this program for your CHS student, please come to the school office to pick up an application package. Pre-school interviews are conducted to ensure that EmpowerED students can start along with all other traditional students.

Comanche Public Schools will continue to offer a virtual option for middle and elementary school students as needed and individually.

To contact Julie Bills, email or call 580-439-2900.


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