June 17, 2021


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Chrissy Teigen is proudly owning as much as some main errors

In her public apology, she vows to be a better role model as the parent of Luna and Miles.

People make mistakes, but as a parent it almost feels like you are not allowed to because the little ones watch and monitor your every move. One slip can cause a lot Fault for parents, and also many requests for explanation.

Celebrity mom and internet personality Chrissy Teigen knows this pretty well, and she says so in her recent apology, where she stands by her mistakes (especially regarding her actions towards Courtney Stodden) and vows to set a better example for hers to be both young children. five year old Luna and three year old Miles.

Between 2011 and 2012, Stodden (a media personality who received significant public criticism as a teenager after marrying 51-year-old acting coach Doug Hutchinson) was the target of a number of horrific and degrading tweets from Teigen. “Go to sleep forever,” Teigen said in a tweet to Stodden. “What medication makes you do this with your mouth? asking for a friend who really wants to know how to look like an idiot. thank you, ”said another. There didn’t seem to be any real reason for the hateful tweets – no behind the scenes drama or rival interactions – just one person publicly attacking another.

In one current profile Von Stodden, The Daily Beast re-introduced Teigen’s troubling news to the world, revealing even more details, such as how Teigen apparently sent Stodden a private message telling her to kill herself. Teigen replied with a short Twitter apology and then slowly disappeared from the public eye.

She showed up at Stodden with a lengthy apology, explaining her behavior, and explaining how the experience will affect her future upbringing – especially when it comes to making mistakes.

“John tells me almost every day how much our daughter Luna reminds him of me,” Teigen wrote on medium. “Every day I try to make sure that she is the best part of me, all of the things that I strive for all the time but sometimes fail. And we preach kindness to her and Miles at every opportunity. Will they eventually realize that there is hypocrisy? I certainly do. But I hope you will recognize my development. “

“My goal is to be so good that my children think it’s all a fairy tale. Not the counterfeit good. The good that has the best of intentions, the good that wakes up to make their friends, family, team and fans as happy as possible. The good guys who will still shit in front of the world, but seldom, and never only good things grow out of them. “

Check out the full apology below:

In her testimony, Teigen describes the all too real feeling of failure as a parent – that guilty feeling of teaching our children to be the best version of themselves, but not to practice this noble behavior on their own. She also deals with taking responsibility for her actions and learning from the mistake rather than dismissing it.

It seems like while hoping for a “fairytale” outcome, she understands that her children may denounce her for her hypocritical behavior in the future, and she is willing to admit it. When they are old enough to understand, she hopes that the work she has done to be “the best version” of herself can show her children how far she has come. Not in a way that excuses their behavior, but in a way that shows progress.

Perhaps parents can learn a valuable lesson from Chrissy’s public error: Confusion is inevitable, but accepting responsibility, actively working to get better (and better), and being open to those conversations with your children can help.


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