October 24, 2021


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Chickasaw Co. hosts fall enjoyable day for particular training kids

CHICKASAW COUNTY, miss. (WCBI) – Frankie’s 4-hour fall day of fun and games kicked off in Chickasaw County.

Today children with special needs celebrate the season.

From horse riding to carriage rides to classic carnival games – on this day everything revolves around the children being able to be children.

“You don’t have to sit in the classroom all day. Our children earn as much as any other child, ”said the founder of the day, Jo Cross.

Tracy Sullivan is no stranger to the Fun Day case.

Sullivan is a special education worker in Chickasaw County. She has been attending the event for 22 years. Sullivan said the festival is the highlight of the year for the kids.

“The children are looking forward to it. It’s practical, it’s fun, they can run, they can explore anything. It’s just excitement. the bus is buzzing and they can’t wait to get out, ”Sullivan said.

Jo Cross is the founder of Frankie’s 4-H Fall Fun and Games Day. Her son, 34-year-old Frankie Cross, has cerebral palsy.

And she said she started the event to allow kids like her son to experience the hall like everyone else.

“Usually they don’t get around to it, even if they attend a regular fall festival, they are pushed to the end of the line because children can walk faster than they cannot sit in a wheelchair so they can walk and run faster than these children. These children need to know that when they come into this building they are all the same. Nobody is better, ”said Cross.

And Sullivan said that’s exactly what this day does.

“At school we concentrate on everything and have a daily routine. I mean, we do exactly the same thing every day. Here they can just be themselves and come out and have a good time, ”Sullivan said.

Cross and Sullivan said the kids look forward to coming to this event every year. And every year they make sure that the event gets better and better.

“It melts my heart, I promise you. To see the joy in these children’s eyes when they get off the school bus and know that they don’t have to worry that day, they got it. That’s important to me, ”said Cross.

“They become something special too, they can go on excursions like everyone else. You will be treated normally, ”said Sullivan.

Schools from across Chickasaw County were invited and nearly 60 children went home with a bag full of prizes.


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