July 21, 2021


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Celebrities are STUPID Do not Pay attention To Them! Besides When They Are Propagandists.

Source BuzzFeed News

Set your Jabberwocky meter to stun. Remember, kids, when celebrities share their personal experiences of vaccine violations and vaccine choices, they’re stupid sluts (if female) and stupid fools (if male).

Newsweek, December 2020: The list includes Jenny, Jim, Jessica, Kat, Rob, Toni, Kristin, Alicia, and more, but is BARELY an “every” celebrity compendium. How shabby. Any celebrity who speaks out against vaccines

Last week, President Biden challenged 18-year-old Olivia Rodrigo to make Tik Tok videos encouraging young, healthy Americans to get the Covid vaccine. She wants you to be happy, healthy, and vaccinated. (Teen Vogue.) Newsweek July 2021. Olivia Rodrigo and these other stars urge people to get the COVID-19 vaccine

If you think this is a political contribution from us at AofA, think again. Propaganda is a useful tool on both sides of the aisle – what did Billy Ray Cyrus, Dwyane Wade and Dr. Oz together? Virtually nothing, especially not their politics. Still, they found themselves on a list of ten celebrities approved by the Trump White House for a planned COVID-19 advertising campaign to “defeat despair and inspire hope”.

Propaganda: Information, especially biased or misleading, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. The idea of ​​joining the labor force during World War II was “sold” to women with state propaganda:

To mobilize these women, all government propaganda had to get one central theme across … it centered on personal patriotism and emotional appeals. The patriotic appeal had two aspects, the positive “do your part” approach and the negative “a soldier can die If you don’t do your part, “warns. The campaign slogan” The more women at work – the sooner we’ll win “promised women that their contributions would be worthwhile bring their husbands home early. (Rupp 1978, 156). The Office of War Information was responsible for “sell the war to women. It sent monthly guides to magazine and newspaper editors and radio commentators who suggested approaches to war issues. The OWI has also allocated airtime and printing space, so that the media stress the same issues at the same time. It distributed films and maintained a close relationship with the War Advertising Council. The agency launched campaigns and urged magazines to include working women in their articles (Berkin and Norton 1979, 344).


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