June 24, 2021


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Can’t Say it Any Higher

By Cathy Jameson

Several friends asked me if I had seen the emails … you know, “The Emails”. I actually haven’t. When I sit here on Friday night and write this post, I still haven’t got the emails from Dr. Read Fauci that so many talk about. I will point out that I will take the time to look at what has been discovered. However, I have a feeling that what I am learning is not going to shock me. Fauci didn’t take good care of people. He has also not been entirely honest in the past on other important issues, including vaccines.


Just reading the headlines on The Emails left me speechless. Since so many others can ring the doorbell on many platforms, I’ll post their words instead.

Tucker Carlson’s comment was spot on from the start of the pandemic. With solid references he gets straight to the point, especially when talking about Dr. Fauci speaks. Carlson has revealed so much and wants the truth out there. I appreciate every word on this recently released clip, even when Carlson says, “Watch Fauci lie.”

Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson also kept the public informed. In a report released before The Emails came out, she said that scientists were afraid to step forward. “The scientists I spoke to do not want to be cited by name for fear of consequences in today’s politically charged environment.” What a terrible situation! To those who are not afraid, thank you. Your honesty is noted.

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Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was the best at asking targeted questions. When mainstream reporters didn’t dare, Rand puts Dr. Fauci repeatedly on the hot seat.


Fauci’s pants had been on fire for a while so that hot seat probably didn’t burn him too much.

Terrance K. Williams is another one who tells it as it is. See his reaction to Dr. Fauci and The Emails. Oh man. Oh man!

While not a new dialogue, this interview by Euginio Derbez is a good reminder that Dr. Fauci has been with us for much longer than some people thought or wanted to admit.

Another person I trust more than my government right now is JP Sears. Ahh, JP. He is a beautiful soul who is absolutely not afraid to speak up. If you haven’t checked out all of his observations on what we’ve seen and covered over the past year, go back and listen to his other videos. You will be spoiled!

If you’ve heard a great comment elsewhere, please share the link with the rest of us. I love it when we find other people who love to tell the truth. I love it even more when we can share this information with one another.

Cathy Jameson is co-editor for Age of Autism.


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