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Can a Therapist Refuse to Deal with a Affected person Like My Excessive Youngster w/ ADHD

My husband and I have two wild children. Our oldest has six behavioral diagnoses. We have always referred to him as an “extreme child” because everything he does is extreme. While doctors, teachers, or a bystander in Aisle 9 could focus on his extreme meltdown, he’s also extremely thoughtful, joyful, friendly, and hilarious.

Our son has not been in therapy since the outbreak of the pandemic because working online was a huge challenge. After spending four months on the waiting list for a highly recommended therapist, my husband and I went to our admission appointment excited and hopeful.

The counselor smiled and greeted us warmly. She asked us detailed questions about our son’s medical history, his behavior and previous specialists, and the types of drugs, therapies and strategies we had used in the past.

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She nodded as we shared our story and said she would come up with a plan by the end of the week.

The call came and I was hopeful. I was expecting great news.

“Your child is just too extreme for us,” she said. More words followed, but the call suddenly sounded weird – like Charlie Brown’s teacher on the other end.

We went there for help, hope, and honest feedback that would help us out to help our boy. Instead, she turned my own word on me – extreme.

I cried. I was angry and felt hopeless, lost and misunderstood. But she doesn’t know how far he’s come! I said aloud to myself.

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So we’re in first place. We haven’t given up. We haven’t stopped advocating for our extreme child. The sad thing is that the therapist will never know how beautiful our son is.

Extreme Child With ADHD: The Next Steps

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