August 5, 2021


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Cabin plan in playground to spice up particular wants schooling at Walsall college

A hut could be installed at a Walsall elementary school to accommodate an increasing number of children with special needs.

Lower Farm Primary proposed to Walsall Council planners that a hut be built in the school yard in Bakewell Close to serve as a base for student technical support.

The school said a number of youths with “complex” special needs are on the list, with more to begin in September.

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The base will be close to the classrooms for the early years and allow them to participate in activities with other students at certain times of the day.

Headmistress Sarah Milner said, “The need for this on-site provision is a response to the increased number of children in the school with more complex special educational needs.

“The school currently has four children slated to start the admission class in September 2021 who have an educational health plan. These plans mean that the children are supported 1: 1 in school.

“The needs of these children would often be better covered in a special school. However, Walsall has a severe shortage of special education places for younger children.

A map showing where a planned cabin for students with special needs will be stationed at Lower Farm Primary in Walsall. Image: Concept Education Services Ltd

“There are also older children in school with significant learning difficulties who will benefit from this resource.

“The booth will provide a base that can be tailored with resources to meet the needs of these students in addition to adult support.

“The location where the cabin will be installed was previously occupied by a larger building.

“The cabin takes up less space and fits in aesthetically with the design of the school building. The size of the cabin is well suited for small group intervention.

“The windows let in natural light and good ventilation, which makes it a positive learning environment.

“The position of the booth in the playground is the easiest place for students with physical disabilities to enter and exit the school. If necessary, there is an access for vehicles easily accessible to all employees.

“I am confident that this structure will positively promote the development and learning of many students at our school.”

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