September 6, 2021


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Bus driver scarcity leads to no common training buses at Mel-NAP colleges – The Information Herald

Melvindale-Northern Allen Park Public Schools is the second Downriver School District to start the new school year without a general education bus service due to a bus driver shortage.

On August 26, the Great Ile Township Schools announced that the sudden resignation of two bus drivers had forced them to shut down general school traffic.

On September 2, Mel-NAP schools made a similar announcement.

Elfriede Hervey, director of operations and traffic for the school district, announced in a letter to the families that due to the late resignation of four bus drivers from September 7th, the district would not be able to offer general education means of transport.

The district will continue to provide transportation for its off-district special education, preschool, and vocational programs.

Hervey said the transportation department hired a third party supplier to handle their transportation needs. The department was informed on September 2 that its third party provider had terminated the contract due to the resignation of bus drivers.

“Our hope is to secure the services soon,” said Hervey. “We cannot give the parents a date for the return of the transport services to the district, but I can assure you that this is a top priority for the district and we will continue to work to find a solution.”

District officials assured parents and staff that they will be kept informed of any developments.


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