September 20, 2021


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BSP delivers worthy mission to particular training college

Gerehu Callan Services for Inclusive Gerehu Callan Services at Gerehu Stage 6, Port Moresby welcomed a renovated building for students with disabilities.

The BSP Marketing Committee & CEO Selection Project, as part of their annual collaborative project, renovated the derelict building to allow students with special needs to study in a fresh and empowering environment.

The renovation included painting the exterior walls, replacing rotten beams and gutters, replacing flywire, laying floors and gravel. Books were also donated and pipelines were donated to correct the excess flow of water in the parking area.

Robin Fleming, CEO of BSP Group, said at the opening ceremony: “This project was chosen because BSP believes in giving our children, handicapped and handicapped, every opportunity to learn with the right local facilities.”

“We are proud to be identified with this project, which falls on our agenda to touch lives, reach those in need and show love for the community in which we serve,” said Fleming.

BSP’s Marketing Director, Gorethy Semi, affirmed that this particular project is worth K $ 30,000 and that this project has been selected to ensure that children in this special school receive an equal and inclusive education through inclusive learning environments and inclusive and equal quality education for all Receive accessible education.

Parents’ Representative Donna Ogia was very grateful to BSP and said that this recognition and support from BSP is very much appreciated as it is difficult for parents with children with special needs to ensure that their children receive a full education and find a place in society to adapt.

“BSP coming on board to help will shed light on these special children and hopefully we are moving in the direction in which we integrate and accept these children with special needs in our society.

I have a visually impaired son, a son with 4% visibility and now my son has a son with the same condition. My grandson goes to this school. I know how hard it is to raise one. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it when we discover their true talents in such schools. We would like to thank BSP from the parents and teachers here! “
In addition to supporting inclusive education for children with special needs, BSP also supports other similar organizations such as Port Moresby Chesire Home, PNG Red Cross Center and others.


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