November 12, 2021


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Brown County Particular Schooling Interlocal #615 Minutes | Colleges

(These minutes will not be official until approved at the board meeting on December 1, 2021.)

The Brown County Kansas Special Education Interlocal # 615 Board of Education held its regular November Board of Education meeting on November 3, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. in the special education building in Hiawatha.

April Keo called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. In attendance were: Becky Shamburg, Director, Laurence Berger, $ 430 board member, Jeff Brockhoff, $ 415 board member, Andrea Groth, $ 415 board member, April Keo, $ 430 board member Rex Lockwood, $ 430 board member, John Wright, $ 415 board member via speakerphone , Amy Larson, board secretary

Jeff Brockhoff has requested that the agenda be approved. Andrea Groth seconded and the motion was accepted with six votes to zero.

There was no public comment.

There were no comments from the President.

Becky Shamburg moved to add Beth Meader to the para-resignations.

Rex Lockwood has requested that the revised consent agenda be approved. Andea Groth seconded and the motion was accepted with six votes to zero. On the approval agenda were:

1. Approval of the minutes of the ordinary board meeting on October 6, 2021.

2. Approval of the draft laws for November 2021.

3. Accept the treasurer’s report for November 2021.

4. Approve the discontinuation of the Beth Meader and Melanie Shaefer paras.

5. Accept the resignations of Paras Deni Bruning, Harley Madere, Zoe Bone, Beth

Meader; as well as the retirement of Jeanne Knudson.

PTAC units are being installed, further work to be done this week. A discussion ensued.

Director Shamburg stated that BCKSEI currently employs 63 parasites. This was followed by a discussion about the influx of students with high special educational needs. Director Shamburg discussed the possibility of a future behavioral support room at Hiawatha Elementary School, with the cost of the room being borne by the district. A discussion followed.

At 6:26 p.m. Jeff Brockhoff went to the board meeting for 10 minutes to discuss unelected personnel and negotiable items that are permitted for employer-employee negotiations under the KOMA, and to meet again at 6:36 p.m. Andrea Groth seconded and the motion was accepted with six votes to zero. The executive meeting was necessary to ensure a fair and equitable contract and to protect the privacy of the people discussed. The board meeting was attended by Becky Shamburg, Laurence Berger, Jeff Brockhoff, Andrea Groth, April Keo, Rex Lockwood and John Wright.

At 6:36 p.m. the board left the board meeting.

Andrea Groth has requested that the framework agreement 2021-22 be ratified as discussed. Rex Lockwood seconded and the motion was passed six to zero.

Andrea Groth decided to raise the wages of Paras, office workers and Linda Bodenhausen as discussed. Jeff Brockhoff seconded and the motion was passed six to zero.

Director Shamburg stated that following the departure of two special school board members in December, the regular ED board will have to appoint two more special school board members for the January board meeting.

Rex Lockwood requested that the board meeting be adjourned. Laurence Berger seconded and the motion was accepted with six votes to zero. The sitting was suspended at 6.44 p. M

The next regular meeting of the BCK-SEI Board of Education will take place on Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. in the special school building in Hiawatha.


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