October 29, 2021


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Boy With Autism Stunned With Customized Amazon Supply Outfit For Halloween

7-year-old Sawyer Burich from Brillion, WI, wants nothing more than to become an Amazon delivery driver. He admires the workers and is thrilled to see an Amazon van in his neighborhood.

Of course, when it came time to pick out a Halloween costume, he went for what he loved the most – Amazon! He wanted to dress up as an Amazon delivery driver for Halloween and use the night as an opportunity to pretend to be handing out packages like a driver would.

While most kids would look forward to collecting candy the most, Sawyer was more excited about the prospect of taking his car door-to-door and playing “Amazon Delivery” while getting candy along the way.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Tdorante10

His parents wanted to make his costume dream a reality, so his mother reached out to Amazon in an email, according to NBC26 News.

She explained to the company that her son, who has autism, really wanted to become an Amazon delivery driver for Halloween and she hoped they could have a costume that he could have.

Photo: Facebook / Brillion News & Lake to Lake Shopper

She admitted to the news channel that she didn’t expect a response, so was surprised when the company arrived at her home with a gift for Sawyer!

Amazon delivery drivers came to Burich’s home with a special gift – a bespoke Amazon delivery driver outfit, just for Sawyer.

Photo: Facebook / Brillion News & Lake to Lake Shopper

Sawyer was excited to see the costume and tried it on right away. Luckily it suited him perfectly and now he’s ready for his Halloween delivery run.

Speaking to NBC26 News, Sawyer’s father, Eric, said, “Our little town of making a big Amazon surprise for our son just meant the world for everyone.”

See how he gets the surprise costume in the video below:


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