December 2, 2021


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Boy with ASD Who Used to Dislike Christmas Now Helps Get Presents for Different Children with Sensory Wants

8-year-old Logan Doyle from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland is a wonderful and intelligent little boy with many talents. His autism and hyperlexia contributed to who he is today, and that’s positive in many ways. His first word when he was a little over two years old was “triangle”. He learned to read and write at the age of two and a half, and began teaching himself Japanese at the age of five. He loves making charts. He is also a very optimistic person who looks at the world from a positive perspective.

Photo: Facebook / Logan’s Auesome Adventure

“Now he’s very aware,” says Logan’s mother, Clodagh Doyle. “He says, ‘Some people call autism a disability, but I’ll make it a skill for myself.'”

It wasn’t always easy for Logan, however. He was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old. Although he was excellent at reading and writing, he had difficulty verbal communication as a young child and found it difficult to make his parents understand what he needed and wanted to say.

Photo: Facebook / Logan’s Auesome Adventure

“That would create frustrations,” recalls Clodagh. “His biggest problem was meltdowns. He would have had about three or four a day. It was like turning into a completely different child. “

Logan didn’t like Christmas either. With the Christmas season there were always loud noises, sociable gatherings and unusual sensory impressions that he simply could not process. In addition, every year Santa Claus brought him things that he actually didn’t want.

“It used to freak him out,” says Clodagh. “I have a little video of him saying that he doesn’t want anything from Santa Claus. It was heartbreaking. “

Photo: Facebook / Logan’s Auesome Adventure

Logan’s sensory sensitivity and the differences in how his brain works meant he didn’t always enjoy playing with the same toys as other children. That’s why he was often not thrilled if those were the toys that appeared under the Christmas tree.

“For the first few years, Santa Claus brought the wrong things because we didn’t know any other way,” says Clodagh. “Logan didn’t play with toys – he turned the wheels of the strollers. He liked light, music, bubbles. “

Photo: Facebook / Logan’s Auesome Adventure

Clodagh, along with Logan’s father, Barry, and his brothers, six-year-old Luke and four-year-old Jayce, has spent the past few years learning about autism and Logan’s unique needs and traits. The increasing understanding of his surroundings and the tools he has acquired to help with his breakdowns have helped Logan enjoy things like Christmas a little more these days.

With Clodagh’s help, Logan even turned some of his struggles into an inspiration that motivates him to help other children with neurological differences like his. Now he is raising funds for Cash for Kids, a charity that helps youth struggling with poverty, abuse, neglect, life-limiting diseases, or special needs. With the money he collects, Clodagh will buy special Christmas gifts for children who need sensory toys or toys outside the typical age group.

Photo: GoFundMe / Help Logan helps Santa Claus buy sensory gifts

“Sometimes Santa Claus isn’t quite sure what to get children with additional needs,” says Clodagh.

Last year Logan’s fundraiser made £ 2,000. This year, Cash for Kids asked if he would do it again and the family agreed. It looks like the fundraiser will be even more successful this time around. You can visit Logan’s GoFundMe page to contribute.

You can also follow Logan on Facebook and Instagram.


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