October 3, 2021


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Board of Schooling members deserve extra respect, says reader – St. Louis Name Newspapers

About the editor:

I recently watched the video of the Mehlville Board of Education meeting on June 24th and was appalled by the comments at the end. This unpaid board of directors does their best to formulate science-based guidelines to ensure quality education and protect our children, teachers, and the community, while at the same time providing shelter for people with special needs or beliefs

I was saddened to see two small but vocal groups bringing up untrue facts and threatening the district with hostile, outright disobedience and legal proceedings.

I encourage all citizens to treat one another with respect and to express their views on these important matters. The abuse and threats were unnecessary.

Our Education Committee members, teachers, and parents are not “ungodly Marxists and socialists.” You are good people. Competent people. They don’t destroy institutions that support freedom. They deserve our respect and thanks – not our abuse.

George Mues



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