July 19, 2021


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Blake Full of life calls out how ‘f*cking scary’ it’s when paps stalk her children

The actress and mother of three came true by ruthless paparazzi and asked the public to help in very simple ways.

While celebrities choose a life in the spotlight, not their children– and yet ruthless paparazzi are constantly trying to snap photos of these innocent bystanders to the point where a stress-free outing can become downright scary. But fans wouldn’t necessarily know, so mom of three Blake Lively called Daily Mail Australia about a recent misleading post.

The Instagram post shows Blake walking outside with one of her three young children on her hip while pushing the other two in a stroller. This is alongside another snap of the actress smiling and waving solo.

The famous mother with whom the daughters James (6), Inez (4) and the 21 month old Betty share Ryan ReynoldsShe went to the comments section to criticize the “deceptive” pictures, explain the story behind the photos, and how scary it was for her children to be stalked by paparazzi all day.

“They’re editing these images together to look like I’m waving happily. But that is deceptive. The real story is: My children were persecuted by men all day. Jump out. And then hide, ”Blake wrote. “When I tried to calmly walk up to the photographer you hired to take these pictures to talk to, he ran away. And jump out again at the next block. “

Blake then exclaimed the tabloid ethics, saying, “Do you do background checks on the photos you pay to track children? Where is your morale here? I would like to know. Or do you just don’t care about the safety of children? “

As if take three children everywhere isn’t stressful enough, it’s just heartbreaking. Blake says she was able to successfully distribute some of the photos – the ones that would actually speak to her – by agreeing to “smile and wave” away from her children for a photo, noting that a solo snapshot had the the only possibility she could offer her little ones an escape from the “frightening” situation.

The photos have since been removed from the Daily Mail Australia’s Instagram page (after Blake requested their deletion) and many celebrities speak out in favor of Blake, including Gigi Hadid, who recently posted a comment open letter Ask to blur your daughter’s face in Pap photos. “Bravo,” wrote the model and the new mom in an Instagram story, tagged Blake and shared her paparazzi call again.

In a second Instagram comment, Blake urged the public to block and stop following outlets who post photos of celebrity children’s faces. “You are welcome to report them. Or send a DM message telling you why you are not following them, ”she continued, explaining that these are easy ways to put an end to paparazzi terrorizing children. “Everyone is trying to serve an audience,” she added. “So when that audience makes it clear that they don’t want something – like photos of children obtained by men who scare and stalk them – the publication or report will do what the audience wants. That’s the only way so many stopped. Because the people asked for it. “

She summed up her comment by saying, “It’s bloody scary,” and our hearts are with her.

One of the youngest celebrities to speak out against paparazzi who photograph famous children, Blake joins a growing list of celebs who are dedicated to the same cause, including Sophie Turner, Jennifer Garner, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, and Prinz Harry and Meghan Markle.

In 2014, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard established the No Kids Policy after admitting their first child, which later became a California law preventing paparazzi from taking photos of celebrity children. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like New York City, where Blake went for a walk with her girls, followed suit.


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