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Better of: A Notice of Thanks

Good Morning! Below is a BEST OF from Cathy who’s off.

By Cathy Jameson

I didn’t find the right words last week. Today I feel like I’ve found my voice again.

As I pondered a few things that used to bump me down, a couple of people came to mind: the vaccine advocates, the CDC, the mainstream media, and some doctors and their medical staff. When these people came to my mind, I let them and their negativity invade my mind. I wouldn’t be here without them though, so I thought it was time to say thank you to these people. Yes. A thank you. I want to thank you for your contributions, especially your most recent ones.

To the pro-vaccine crowd who continue to insult injuries (vaccination injuries), thank you very much! Really. I want to thank you for every new blog, article, interview, FB comment, and social media message that you share. Why? Well, for some new parents, and for those parents who are unsure about vaccines, your words raise a question. They ask, “Are vaccines really that safe?” This question leads to a search. This search becomes a discovery. This discovery reveals a story – the story of a child with an unfortunate vaccination injury. As you read this story, a seed will be sown – a seed of doubt. Why doubt Because you, the vaccine advocates, are saying the exact opposite of what the vaccine injury story says, and I want to add that it’s pretty harsh. No wonder new parents think vaccinations might not be safe!

With this exposure and seed of doubt, parents begin to look for more information, information that you, vaccination advocates, are constantly neglecting in your articles. Parents want this information. Then where should they go to find this information? To other parents, of course!

PS That’s where I come in.

Here’s why. When I write, it’s honest and riddled with all sorts of indisputable facts. If you write as a drug-influenced blogger, author, or news anchor, it’s heartless and glorifies a company that uses people for profit. It’s only right for people to hear both sides of a vaccine story – yours, which confuses them, and mine, which is told through the eyes of a former vaccineer who is now 24/7 caring for a child who has been severely vaccinated.

Obviously, our stories and motives are very different. My story is told with heart and soul and contains an extra large dose of Vaccine Injury Reality. Your contribution makes vaccines safe for everyone at all times, no matter what. Even if you forget to mention everything there is about vaccines, like this pesky vaccination violation, I don’t mind filling this in my letter if you’ve forgotten about it in yours.

So kudos to all vaccination advocates and their efforts. While some of your posts are judgmental and frightening, remind parents to keep their thoughts on vaccines. Scare tactics isn’t great, but putting these thinking caps on is good. Great job guys!

Thank you The CDC for continuing to sweep important dates under the rug! Why such gratitude? Now that you’ve been so super calm since Dr. William Thompson stepped forward, people come to parents like me, rather than you, for information. Yes. Just as vaccination advocates’ letters can repel the general public, your silence repels some of the public’s confidence.

People really want to know things. We are curious beings. Of course, if you want to know what’s going on in the medical world, people go to the CDC to see what you all have to say. That was the case until a few weeks ago. Dear, dear CDC. Bless your heart! People don’t trust you that much anymore. Tampered with data, fraudulent activity, and the fact that Congress interferes all of this will tarnish your reputation a bit more in a parenting community. You know who these parents are, don’t you?

Psst, it’s the same ones who oust the vaccination advocates.

Where do these parents seek help? For people like me. Sure, it takes more time to redirect parents to better, less seedy resources, but it’s worth every minute. I know what you are thinking and you are right. My plate is already very full and I don’t have to take every phone call I get about vaccines. But I don’t mind taking up the life-saving and protective part that you proudly show in your motto. It doesn’t bother me at all. Rely on me to step in and do just that until you stop hiding and doing the right thing.

To the mainstream media, keep this vaccine that won’t cause autism stories! And please don’t hold back! Why? Once you’ve published one of your sensational articles too good to be true that only vaccines save lives, parents know they need to go elsewhere for real vaccine news. Where you go? You’re hopping into an alternate universe, ours, where vaccines didn’t save lives.

Vaccines ravaged lives on our side of the planet. People know that. You may not want to believe it, but in your heart you know it is true. Here is the why. Viewers only tune in for a few minutes at a time. As soon as we step off the screen, these onlookers meet us and our vaccine-injured children in the city. In real life. Where there are no commercial breaks.

While you can make vaccines look safe and harmless, we are not as good at hiding a vaccination violation. The stimming, the meltdown, the flutter, the echolalia? Not so easy to cover up. A few weeks ago a man stared at my son in the middle of the meltdown. Instead of helping me, the very capable but stunned adult man watched in horror as Ronan thrashed around. It was pretty intense there for a few minutes, but when we passed we dusted ourselves off and drove on. But the poor guy. He was speechless and stopped. I’m writing his reaction, well, his lack of reaction to you! Kudos to the crazy editing skills of the media which just show happy shiny needles sticking in the kids’ arms and legs. Imagine the alarm that would go off if the public really knew what could happen if the needle came out. I shudder at the thought. I know you do too.

One suggestion that you really don’t need, mainstream media because you keep your stories so fresh and always full of rainbows and unicorns, is to keep doing a great job taking the public eye on what’s really going on with autism and getting vaccinations. You are already covering things up so well that no one would dare believe you if you started telling what actually happened. The public would be too shocked to deal with such a truth. Still, I have to tell you that you lost a few viewers a long time ago. I’m sorry your bladder popped, but I know you won’t be too offended knowing that several have already reached for the button and shut you down. Who are these viewers? Many of us parents with vaccinated children. Yes, we didn’t like it when you put your fingers in your ears and say “la la la la la” while she refuses to spread our autism vaccine stories. Not hard feelings, right?

To the doctors and medical staff who are pushing, pushing, pushing vaccines, thank you! Just as humans are curious beings, they are also creatures who seek solace and acceptance from others. Since some of you do exactly the opposite in your doctor’s offices, my circle of friends has grown. How could you ask? When you’re gruff and demanding with your way or the freeway setting, step back from the equation and open the door for someone else to step in. Who is this someone Me! Yes I. And countless other mothers and fathers who stand in to do what you are called to do.

If I’ve lost you, let me break things down for you.

Mothers want the best for their baby. We have been brought up to trust certain people and professionals. Doctors top this list. Recently, when parents go to a doctor and vaccinations come on the market, mothers find that their doctors have become dictators. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Dictator was in your job description. At least I hope it wasn’t! Anyway, I know for a fact that for most vaccines are not mandatory. Take a recent story that I just heard this week.

A young mother called me and told me that she had refused the flu shot during her child’s visiting check-up. The nurse told the mother that her son was due for the injection. Mama replied no thanks. The nurse left the room and a few minutes later the doctor came in. The doctor insisted that her child get the injection. Mama stood firm and repeated that her child would not get a flu shot. Do you know what the doctor did? He stormed off! Pretty professional of him, don’t you think? Hmmm, not so much.

Instead of having a mature conversation about vaccines, this doctor became a dictator. Then he showed toddler behavior. How on earth is that professional or acceptable? Fortunately, after doing her own research and seeing that other parent’s children had suffered a vaccination injury, this mother was confident in her decision and was able to walk out of the office with her head held high. Time will tell if this doctor will “fire” you for rejecting vaccines from his office. When it comes down to it, fine, I say. Walk away. Walk away proudly. Who wants to feel pressured to roll up a sleeve or pant leg for a vaccine they don’t need or want? Not me. And come to find out, not many other mothers and fathers out there who heard us well.

I have learned so much from all of the people who have shaped the path I am now walking with Ronan – about what I should believe, whom I should trust, everything opened my eyes. To the pro-vaccine crowd, to the CDC, to the mainstream media, and to the doctors and medical staff, this would not have been possible without your input. I say well done folks. Well done. Thanks alot!

Cathy Jameson is co-editor for Age of Autism.


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