August 27, 2021


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BELatina’s Better of the Week: Entry to Training, Latina Students, and Extra

Photo: BELatina.

Here is a recap of the news you may have missed on BELatina’s Daily Content this week.

Well this week wasn’t as messy as Monday I promise. With so much work and so many stories we managed to stay afloat.

From empowering stories to accessing education to the curious origins of Aretha Franklin’s song “Respect”, these are our top stories of the week.

Latina scholars on Twitter BELatina LatinxPhoto courtesy

These five Latina Fellows can’t be missing from your Twitter feed

Our author Ana María Enciso has curated a list by five Latina Fellows who share their wisdom and good sense of humor on Twitter. Follow Professor Danielle Clealand, Professor G. Cristina Mora, Cynthia Diana Villarreal, Professor Martha Muñoz and Ana María Porras Corredor and be inspired by their career paths.

Latinx students with Latinx teachers BELatina LatinxPhoto courtesy Education Writers Association.

A new study shows that Latinx students are more likely to attend classes when they have Latinx teachers

Another study confirms what we already knew: the path to success begins with fair representation. In new research published in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Michael Gottfried, Professor in the Educational Policy Department at Penn GSE, along with J. Jacob Kirksey (Texas Tech University) and Tina L. Fletcher (University of Pennsylvania), concluded that Latinx -Students with Latinx teachers attend school more, a relationship that doesn’t exist for white students.

Students with disabilities BELatina LatinxPhoto courtesy

A reality few talk about: back to school for students with disabilities

Disabled students and children with special needs in many ways were left behind when the school doors closed, and educators were forced to reinvent their lessons to fit into a virtual classroom.

Now as schools prepare to reopen their doors to face-to-face learning, the same students are becoming disabled will suffer again, as some of the usual digital accommodations are taken away from them when they return to school.

Mexicans Pensacola Florida BELatina LatinxPhoto: BELatina.

Mexicans have been the structural core of this Florida city for years

Mexicans often don’t feel welcome in the United States. However, the United States owes immense gratitude and respect to Mexico and its citizens.

Mexicans are without a doubt some of the hardest workers out there. Just look at the hard work on farms or in search and rescue groups like the Topos. They were a structural core of the past in the United States, especially in Pensacola, Florida.

Aretha Franklin respect BELatina LatinxPhoto: BELatina.

Do you know the story of Aretha Franklin’s song “Respect”?

“Respect” is a song that we often hear first from the mouths of our mothers, who are eager to see us get up from the couch and give them a little “RESPECT” in the form of meaningful help around the house. Funnily enough, the lyrics of the song that often give us the first glimpse of strong women who have no qualms about expressing their needs is developed far beyond its origins.


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