August 24, 2021


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Being pregnant Danger Abstract in Pfizer Covid Vaccine

Imagine you’re 16 and you’ve just pulled your parents’ car into your neighbor’s mailbox. You might start like this, “Look, a lot of new drivers have minor accidents as part of their learning curve. It’s common. It happens.” The Bloomberg article I screened is cruel and inflammatory. Covax is ashamed of its low point. OBs don’t have enough data to tell their patients with certainty what to expect from Covid or the vaccine. The tone of guilt is shameful.

Here is the package insert for the Pfizer vaccine. They called it Comirnaty. I guess Qwerty was kidnapped.

1) Read the very first sentence of the package insert on the risk of pregnancy for the newly approved Pfizer vaccine: All pregnancies are at risk of birth defect, loss, or other adverse consequences. 02154ACF-A620-444C-8A49-19E573FF7FF0

2) If you read “… no sign of harm,” you can raise your ears. Mass vaccination did not begin until January or later in 2021. A full pregnancy is counted as 40 weeks. Babies in the first vaccination cohort have not yet been born. The package insert states that a developmental toxicity study has been carried out on rats. In reality, we still have no idea how the Covid vaccination affects mother or child.

3) NPR cites CDC: The vaccine is safe later in pregnancy and while breastfeeding, the agency’s new analysis shows. Package insert reads: It is not known whether COMIRNATY is excreted in breast milk. No data are available to assess the effects of COMIRNATY on the breast-fed child or on milk production / excretion.

Risk summary

All pregnancies are at risk of birth defects, loss, or other adverse consequences. In the general US population, that is
The estimated background risk for serious birth defects and miscarriages in clinically recognized pregnancies is 2% to 4% and 15 to 20%, respectively. There are insufficient data available on COMIRNATY given to pregnant women to inform about vaccine-related risks in pregnancy. A developmental toxicity study was published in female rats the equivalent of a single human dose of COMIRNATY administered on 4 occasions; twice before mating and twice during pregnancy. These studies did not reveal any evidence of harm to the fetus from the vaccine (see animal data).


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