October 12, 2021


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Be a Companion in your Baby’s Progress BYJU’s Guardian Join App

Just when you were thinking how far technology can go, BYJU’S is here with its new launch – Parent Connect app that is designed to provide real-time information to parents about their Child’s progress. BYJU’S is an educational technology multinational company known for offering exam preparation courses and K-12 programs through video-based learning programs. It runs on a freemium model where a student can access limited content for 15 days before making it a part of their daily study.

Become a companion in your child’s development with the Parent Connect app from BYJU

What is the purpose of the Parent Connect app?

We already know the BYJU model – based on learning, interaction and engagement, which is geared towards the continuous growth of students. Speaking of which, parents usually don’t know how fast their child is growing unless the testimonials are shown. That motivated the BYJU team to come up with something The Parent Connect app from BYJU.

Now we already know that the app is designed to be eye to eye Child’s progress. But with this app, parents can track their children’s strengths and weaknesses. This helps them create a schedule that focuses on the chapters the children are lagging behind and the chapters they can explore without excluding the specific areas that require special attention. Become a partner in Child’s progress makes you a proactive and committed parent.

How Insightful is the Parent Connect App on the child’s progress?

BYJUS Parent Connect App is the beginning of a new partnership between parents and students. Don’t worry, dear parents, you don’t have to study everything your child goes through. After you have entered the student code in the main application and synced it with your device, you have all the data. The app sums up your Child’s progress in the simplest possible way. This tool helps build a learning pattern that is comparatively more productive.

Another impressive thing about the app is that; Unlike schools, students are not judged on their performance. The app uses analytical data to help students get better within their caliber. Now that BYJU’S knows the concepts your child is familiar with, build student confidence by letting them practice in the second phase. Here is an algorithm from BYJUS Parent Connect App asks questions that will help students fill the gap. The data obtained are used as feedback to address their weaknesses.


In summary, it works like a knowledge tree, tree, or knowledge graph linking the various concepts that one needs to learn in order to master the course. BYJUS Parent Connect App supports parents in helping their children to deal with their weaknesses and to become better in all areas.

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