November 22, 2021


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Autistic Boy Who Loves Basic Vehicles Is Shocked With His Personal Automotive Present For His Birthday

Thirteen-year-old Grant Loftin may not be old enough to drive, but he loves classic cars and knows everything about them.

Wanting to do something special for his 13th birthday, his mother Natalie came up with the idea of ​​letting him drive a vintage car, but his birthday surprise turned out to be much better.

Photo: YouTube / ABC10

After seeing all the beautiful classic cars in the community, Natalie turned on social media and asked on a Facebook group in West Sacramento if anyone had a classic car to use.

Commenting on the post, Bill Steffey said he would take Grant in his 1955 Chevy.

Photo: YouTube / ABC10

For Steffey, this request was very close. Grant has autism and Stuffy has a child named Michael who is also autistic.

So many others started selling their cars and the whole community came together to give Grant the birthday surprise of a lifetime with his own classic car show.

Photo: YouTube / ABC10

When Grant pulled up and saw all the cars, his jaw literally dropped. He was thrilled to see how many cool cars were there just for him.

He could see all the different makes and models, sit in them, and even spin some of them! Not only did he and his family see all the cars, but also meet so many nice people in their community.

Check out the heartwarming surprise in the video below:


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