February 12, 2022


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Autism Rorschach Take a look at – AGE OF AUTISM

What do you see?

I’ll tell you on the other side of the jump.

After reading Michelle Guppy’s post about her son Brandon on her blog Life With Autism In Pictures, I realized that so many of us live some or maybe much of the time in an alternate universe, thanks to autism. We do things day in and day out that would surprise and maybe even shock friends, family, teachers, strangers. We do things that most parents stop doing as their kids grow up. We do things that most grandparents are glad they don’t have to do every day because they are too old. We do them for the love and care of our kids – from tots to teens to adults.

I’ll give you an example. I know someone who put plexiglass on the walls in her son’s bedroom so he would not destroy the drywall. Another example, I know many families who scour yard sales, eBay and marketplace for OLD toys and videotapes that their kids still adore. See where I’m going? Share some of the tricks, tips, job or just plain unusual things YOU do for your children.

So what is that photo? covid? Looks a bit like a spikey protein, doesn’t it? In my house, with three young women, there are monthly issues. So I often have to tidy up the floor in the bathroom. Those black and white spots were red. And there were a lot of them to clean up. Once, in another house, I awoke to red footprints on the white tile foyer floor. Communication comes in many ways. The autism Rorschach test…. now, tell me about your mother…. 😉


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