July 29, 2021


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As Nationwide Training Coverage period dawns, Goa gives first BEd in particular schooling | Goa Information

PANAJI: Goa is now one of the few states in the country that offers a BEd program in special education that is also supported by the government so that students can complete it for a subsidized fee. With the start of the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) in the state, the program is intended to promote the establishment of resource rooms in mainstream schools, as required by politicians.
The NEP prescribes the inclusion of special children in mainstream schools through resource rooms in mainstream schools and advises against separate schools, unless they are people with acute disabilities.
The BEd in special education offered in Goa is intended to enable teachers to train special and mainstream children while at the same time preparing the trainees for the promotion of inclusion.
In line with the requirements of the NEP with the now introduced BEd program, Goa is trying to limit the role of special schools in the future to the enrollment of pupils with acute disabilities.
The two-year BEd in Special Education course initially offers 20 places at Dnyanvardhini Divyang Training College, Vasco.
A research center is also being set up to promote further studies in this area.
“Given the requirements of the NEP, the state has endorsed the BEd in Special Education program, which is more focused on integrating special children into the mainstream, and the DEd in Special Education offered at the Sanjay School has been discontinued because it offered a closer qualification, ”said Guruprasad Pawaskar, chairman of the Sanjay School of Special Education.
“The course emphasizes 50% theory and 50% practice. The program also includes the internship. The trainees also learn to work with regular teachers so that they don’t belong to the underdogs in regular schools. You will be taught how to teach science, social science, and English. Special educators are not just there for special education and this is most relevant now as the NEP comes into effect, ”said Gargi P. Sinha, core faculty at the college.
Sinha said the country’s few other universities that offer the program have to spend hundreds of rupees, but in Goa the state government made it possible to pursue it for a small fee.
She said the BEd is being pursued more and more in special education and now that NEP requires the establishment of resource rooms in all schools it will help with early intervention in the case of special children.
“Early intervention can work wonders for special children. Nowadays it is often seen that schools allow children to continue until they reach Grade VIII or so, and then those children are forced into special school so that their mainstream school can get a good percentage of board exams. The children suddenly feel uncomfortable being in a special school, ”said Pawaskar.
The BEd in Special Education program is affiliated with Goa University and recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).
“The course also has a research and statistics component so that students can do research in this area in the future and also set up entrepreneurial ventures such as support centers for children with special needs or centers for vocational training for adults with special needs,” said Sinha.
Former dean of Goa University’s Faculty of Education Allan Abreu, now affiliated with the college in Vasco, said admission to the program would be through an entrance test.
“According to the RCI Act, it is a criminal offense to have a regular BEd or DEd program owner taught in a special school or special children. After completing the BEd program, students receive an RCI registration, ”said Abreu.


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