October 5, 2021


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Angela Stanton King & Kevin Jenkins, CEO of City World Well being Alliance Host Brooklyn Occasion

We never wanted to greet anyone in our club. In any case. That said, it is gratifying to see eyes open across the …. spectrum. Autism does not discriminate. Also no mandate. Visit the Urban Global Health Alliance today.


Don’t Allow Them To Enslave Us: Black Americans Protest Vaccination Mandates in NYC

BROOKLYN, New York – A group of nearly 100 people, mostly African American, gathered at the Brooklyn Bank in New York on October 2 to express their opposition to vaccine mandates.

New York City has introduced vaccination regulations for healthcare workers, school staff, and anyone who works or supervises in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, catering halls, event spaces, gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools, theaters, museums, aquariums, and zoos.

According to recent data from NYC.gov, blacks are the least vaccinated ethnic group, with 40 percent of them considered fully vaccinated.

The meeting was lively, loud, and often included conversations about gathering spiritual strength.

It was hosted and organized by Angela Stanton King, Founder of the American King Foundation, and Kevin Jenkins, CEO of the Urban Global Health Alliance.

“Black Americans across America are waking up! They realize that modern slavery is coming again, ”Jenkins told The Epoch Times.

“In black communities, they begin to have a serious dialogue and develop strategies on how to defend themselves! They say no to the vaccine / slave passport and no to segregation. We have a long, dark history of bigotry and exploitation, and we ask the world to help us! It’s time to fight back! ”Read on HERE.


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