March 6, 2022


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And That’s a Wrap – AGE OF AUTISM

By Cathy Jameson

Let me preface today’s post saying that I am absolutely thrilled that Covid has seemingly been whisked away. Pick the positive adjective – thrilled…ecstatic…grateful…relieved – and that’s me. Really! So why am I hunting and pecking for any and every bit of news about the disappearance of Covid, mask and vaccine mandates? Why am I questioning the statistics that were a constant for two years? Why do I care that restrictions are no longer?

Something doesn’t add up.

And I want to know why.

I guess it comes down to being curious.

The Curious Cat, that’s me. I’m especially curious when those in charge of the official Covid narrative, who shoved their Covid authority down our throats for two very long, arduous, emotionally/psychologically/physically draining years, have turned an about face. Conspiracy theorists and conspiracy realists have their own ideas about why that’s happened.

So I went searching for some information.

Our country’s Covid case numbers are still considered high, according to the officials.

Cj covid map

Despite that, schools, government agencies, and local businesses rather quickly changed their tune and lifted restrictions. Could it be because the parents said no more? Could it be because the Canadian truckers took a stand? Could it be because those midterms are looming? Could it be related to the timing of the crisis overseas? Maybe it’s because they’ve changed metrics yet again. I haven’t found a solid reason yet, but all of those, including the people orchestrating some of those events, are worth looking into.

While checking out the news last week and going down rabbit holes of the searches I was making, a document was released. Could this published information be why things had to end rather abruptly? Friends who’ve been holding the line shared the data with me on Tuesday. I wouldn’t get a chance to look at it until Thursday. When I did look through it, my jaw dropped. As I sat back and read those reports, I couldn’t help but think about everyone, family and friends included, who got that particular vaccine (and boosters!). What responses would they have to this data?

For some, I know it would be, “I’d still get the vax today. And you should, too!”

For others, “Whew, I must be lucky. I haven’t experienced any of those.”

And maybe, “Ahhh, that explains why I now have ___ (insert name of new problem/medical condition)!”

If it were me, I’d be pretty upset. I am upset for those who opted to ‘Follow the Science’ that was not known when the Pfizer vaccine was advertised, rolled out and administered. I’m worried for those who took a different one, the Moderna or the J&J, because we haven’t seen a comprehensive report on those outcomes yet. Will findings be similar? How many pages of concerned adverse reactions will those reports contain? And, will anyone who’s been mandating any of these experimental vaccines still admit that they truly are safe and effective?

That’s going to be a tough question to answer. It should be answered honestly, but in my opinion, it won’t be.

For the last two years, anyone who thought for themselves, who did ask questions, or who dared cast doubt on The Science were scrutinized. Those people did exactly what Science promotes: the pursuit of knowledge through asking and investigating. Some people in positions of authority don’t want that asking and investigating to be done. So that The Science can keep dictating, They are pursuing ways to make it all stop.

Cj covid stop

Those in charge are actively trying to shut that pursuit of knowledge down, as recently as last week, even though data, gleaned from their own government sources, states otherwise. The information in that source coincides with what’s happened with other vaccines. Like others, the administration of Covid vaccines also results in negative outcomes. And the vaccinated are, in fact, not fully protected from Covid as what was originally thought and promoted to the public, too.

Cj covid vaers

I still haven’t pinpointed one exact reason why we’re seeing fewer restrictions. Maybe it was just time to start wrapping Covid things up. While I’m all for dropping the mask and vaccine mandates, it’ll be Covid business as usual in some parts of the world. In some capacity, I have a feeling that it will always be. I am always one to hope for the best, but I doubt it anyone in an official position will be rushing to say let’s completely push the brakes on all of this. They can’t do that when money-making medical practices and liability-free medical products justify their position.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


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