September 22, 2021


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An Atrium Gives Daylight. NAA’s Atrium Gives Hope.

Many of us have been in the world of autism for a long time. My oldest is almost 27 years old. Many AofA readers have adult children with autism. Even so, we have many younger readers who may still be at the beginning of their journey to help their child. The National Autism Association is one of the oldest organizations providing actionable information to families. We launched Age of Autism at the 2007 NAA conference in Atlanta. Their Autism Atrium is a fantastic resource for webinars and more. The days of the meeting at DAN! Conferences are long gone. And Covid has turned us into a zoom world. This lack of connection was disadvantageous for so many reasons. But here, in the atrium, there is some sunlight. Check it out on the NAA page:


NAA is proud to offer our Autism ATRIUM program. This educational initiative for the autism community provides a regular schedule of learning opportunities through free online webiNAArs, a digital library of downloadable toolkits, and a number of Blog entries from experts on issues that affect people with autism and their families.

If you are interested in being a guest moderator of webiNAAr, please click here to submit a proposal. Thanks very much!

WebiNAAr records
The NAA’s WebiNAArs are recorded and archived on our website.
To get free access to all recorded webiNAArs, please register here.

Recorded WebiNAArs:

Food intolerances and the gut microbiome
Presented by: Devin Houston, Ph.D

Autism & Bullying: What You Need To Know
Presented by: Kerry Magro, Ph.D

Sensory intelligent strategies for real challenges
Presented by: Lindsey Biel, OTR / L

Navigating with Autism for the Military Family
Presented by: Tara Hood, NP, LLC

Autism and the Criminal Justice System
Presented by: Carol S. Weinman, Esq.

Dozens of other recordings are on the NAA website. Look at her!


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