August 30, 2021


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An Arkansas mother’s story concerning the energy of training alternative

Compass Academy in Conway, Arkansas is a private, not-for-profit school for children with developmental disabilities or those who have difficulty adjusting to a public school. It offers year-round full-time education for students ages 5+ and participates in the state’s Succeed scholarship program.

Like many parents of special needs children, Erica Boucher was frustrated by the lack of educational opportunities for her son Hayden. Hayden was diagnosed with autism and called a “bad kid” by the school administration, who concluded that his difficulties in the classroom were due to Boucher not disciplining him enough.

The former preschool teacher and mother of five was delighted to learn that her home state of Arkansas is participating in the Succeed Scholarship Program, which opens the door to state-approved private schools for students with learning difficulties. Boucher reports that Hayden’s behavior at his new school, Compass Academy, has improved and that he has begun to progress academically.

Says Boucher:

At Compass, they know how to help students with autism and learning disabilities cope with their conditions. They don’t punish Hayden – they help him. When he has a stimming episode, they know how to help him calm down and then have him come back to his desk. They understand when he’s having a tough day with autism and don’t hold it against him later. Every day is a new day.

Boucher recently shared her story with Project Forever Free. You can read it here.


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