September 27, 2021


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AMA 12 Web page Playbook on Easy methods to Promote Flu and Covid Vaccines

Below is a link to the AMA Covid-19 Vaccination Playbook. We thought you might like to play Monday morning quarterback. It’s only 12 pages long. How many ways can you write, “Forget your patient’s priorities or wishes and keep plowing”?

Download the background news of the AMA COVID-19 GUIDE on vaccines for winter 2021


Exceptions based on religious or ideological beliefs endanger the health of the unvaccinated person as well as the health of their group and the community as a whole.

Ethical concerns arise when individuals are allowed to refuse vaccinations for non-medical reasons. (After narrowing the medical exception to nothing.)

… Black and Latinx patients should be prioritized (How good they are with the jargon.)

The AMA is deeply concerned (PR 101, ALWAYS use “deep” when you mean really, really pissed off) that the rampant disinformation and politicization of public health issues is undermining public confidence and trust in science and doctors undermines medical facilities. (The AMA may want to speak to the President of the United States about this.)


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