January 10, 2022


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Air Journey. Autism. Covid. – AGE OF AUTISM

Note: We have read stories of stubborn passengers wreaking havoc during flights. “Don’t make me turn this plane around!” says a pilot over her shoulder as a message from the FAA to travelers. Nobody wants to have to use a coffee stirrer to restrain a violent passenger. But what about people with autism? And in this case, a toddler with autism. Is this some form of discrimination or a protocol caused by Covid? Do you think someone on the plane is afraid of getting Covid? Toddlers often have runny noses and coughing germ factories. Always been. I must have something to do with a tired autism mother who wants to go away for a few days. The only mistake I would find with Mrs. Minsky was her knowledge of geography … Cancun, it turned out, is in the Caribbean. Autism mothers are in enough trouble to fill the Caribbean Sea, we DO NOT need any authority figures (real or self-appointed) to put rules down our throats when we are already doing our best. With a little boy with autism. If you disagree, do well. I have a coffee stirrer handy and I know how to use it.


Mom angry and humiliated over JetBlue treatment after a 2 year old with autism refused to wear a mask

Chaos reigned aboard a JetBlue flight from Cancun to Newark because of a two-year-old with special needs who refused to wear his mask, reports CBS New York. The boy’s mother says she was angry and humiliated by the airline’s treatment.

After spending two years teaching through the pandemic, East Orange mom Jennifer Minsky, her husband and two young sons took a dream vacation to Cancun.

“It was a really big deal to be flying to a Caribbean destination,” she said.

“And you knew about the mask policy, didn’t you? So you prepared the guys for this, ‘we have to do this’?” asked Jessica Moore of CBS New York.

“Yes. Ezra wears a mask all the time in school with no problem,” said Minsky.

After their flight back to Newark was delayed by three days, the Minskys finally boarded a plane home, where their travel nightmare continued.


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