November 1, 2021


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Age of Autism Matching Present Season is Right here!

Many thanks to Laura Hayes for her unwavering support for Age of Autism – and yours too. Your matching gift of $ 5,000 is the basis of our annual budget. By budget, I mean what we put up, which is 100% to keep the website up and running expenses and a small scholarship for me. And what a year it was. Social media and big tech have dramatically limited our reach. I know Dan Olmsted wants us to keep releasing. I’ve thought about packing it more than once since he passed away in 2017. But even when we reach someone with a message of support and hope, we are important. You can send a paper check or click DONATE to use our secure system through Merchant Services. If you have a gift program that’s right for you, let me know at Thanks very much. Kim

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Federal tax number for non-profit organizations: 47-1831987
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Support Freedom of Expression TODAY … Make a tax-deductible donation to AoA!

Dear AoA readers,

Perhaps more than ever in its history, the Age of Autism blog is more important than ever. As mainstream media, social media, tech companies, legislators, our government executives, regulators, school boards, colleges, universities, and medical journals continue to expand their censorship of anything that questions, questions or exposes the narrative, it becomes political The agendas and profiteers that promote it, Age of Autism continues to be both a bastion and a beacon of truth search and clarification.

To that end, it is more important than ever that we support this blog and the great woman who, day in and day out, publishes the news we’d like to read, news that is often nowhere in “mainstream” or “major” media too can be found “medical journals. She also uploads reader comments throughout the day and into the night so we can communicate, share additional pertinent information, and raise ideas and questions that are no longer allowed elsewhere. The communications that take place in the comments are invaluable and an encouragement to many.

Kim Rossi, Editor-in-Chief of AoA and single mother of 3 young adult daughters, all of whom are struggling with severe autism, needs our financial support to keep her family and this blog up and running. Please support both Kim and Age of Autism with a donation.

I will raise all donations received through Thanksgiving Day today up to $ 5,000.

So don’t hesitate and donate to AoA TODAY!

With thanks to everyone who makes this blog a blog worth reading every morning,

Laura Hayes


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