February 19, 2022


by: admin


Tags: AGE, Autism, Unreadable


Categories: autism

Age of Autism is Unreadable

Catchy headline, yes? Sadly, while we are very readable, we’re unreachable by name on Google. They have deleted us from most searches. And by doing so, blocked valuable information from and for autism families. We’re in our 15th year. Seems we’re a dinosaur. No one is talking about autism and vaccine injury and any mention of vaccine safety during Covid is setting off alarm bells we’d managed to avoid. The young parents will never know about our resources. Children are worse off than ever developmentally. CDC just changed the developmental milestones for babies, akin to adding a curve to testing for the kids who can’t pass. It’s sobering. I love our community and I think we are valuable. Google thinks we are dangerous.


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