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Again to Regular? – AGE OF AUTISM

By Cathy Jameson

One morning a little over a month ago, I caught up on some posts in an online group. As I sipped my coffee, I scrolled to the latest message. The commentator said that people who choose not to vaccinate “should thank the rest of us for taking public health seriously”. , the poster announced that she had received the vaccine. She wanted some kind of credit for it and went on more succinctly: “You’re welcome, unvaccinated people.”

This woman stayed a little longer on her soap box and asked the unvaccinated not to spread any misinformation. I wasn’t sure why she asked this because previous comments from others included vaccine data directly from government agencies overseeing the vaccine program. Perhaps she didn’t like that some of this data came from documented vaccination injuries. She was far from finished responding to the very polite responses people left her, regardless of where her data was quoted, she had something else to say. She insisted, “The vaccine will help you. As? In your arm or not, the vaccine is the public good that works for everyone. “

What a message to wake you up!

I wanted to answer, and if I had known the people in this group a little better, I would have done that. But I decided against it. I have been responding to this irrational, hateful speech for years. This woman, who I haven’t met personally, got dizzy and when I caught up with her, she didn’t need my input. Besides, others had already graciously interfered. Other parents had responded to the outraged comments and requests before I even had a chance to start the thread. Who were these other people? Several of them had previously stated that they were in favor of the vaccine. You just weren’t for any of the COVID vaccines that was the subject of this particular thread.

“I’m vaccinated, but I won’t get the new one. I will not allow my children to have it either, ”shared several. I appreciated that I wasn’t the only one having the same thought. I go to some message boards and think that I am the lonely “anti-Vaxxer”. Some of us were on that particular board. And, damn it, did you leave it to that woman?

“Thanks? So that you get the shot? I didn’t ask you to. You did it yourself.”

“There is nothing normal about this vaccine.”

“If it were really about public health, we wouldn’t be forced to do experimental recordings.”

“Are you doing my part? It’s me by not falling for the hype. “

Having not been in the “anti-Vaxxer” movement in so long, the answers I read were pretty good. I leaned back and read on.

If you are vaccinated why do you care if i am not vaccinated? It has to be that you don’t believe your vaccine will actually work, do you? Why else would you come in here and ask the rest of us to roll up our sleeves? Do you know that there are no long-term studies? YOU are the long-term study. So, good luck with your experimental vaccine.

It later got hot and the no-votes were insulted thanks to the COVID shots. But before that happened, it was like these people were reading my mind! Immediately, those thinking of questioning an experimental vaccine asked the woman why she cared so much that the rest of us got it. She got one. She thought a lot of herself because she got it. She even said that this vaccine in our arms will or will not help the common good. To say that their vaccine is for the common good is a terrible argument that I will never agree to. In any case, she did what she wanted. She took the risk and got vaccinated. She was proud of that, but also crocheted that others in the group would choose differently.

Live your life, lady, and let’s make another decision.

Can we still? Can we decide for ourselves?

College kids across the country are feeling pressured to get vaccinated. So are employees. Will the announcement of door-to-door COVID vaccination campaigns force people to abide by them? These door-to-door tactics are nothing new. Some started weeks ago in the US and abroad. Given the current government’s desire to have every adult vaccinated, we are sure to hear more about vaccine intimidation efforts than we have already.

One reason I heard for this recent push is that the federal government spent trillions of dollars during the pandemic. But some of us didn’t ask them to. The government was overzealous to spend all that money. It was absurd to expect that every citizen would trust an expedited, experimental, and liability-free vaccine that is sold. Before launching, we were told that this was the best option to fight COVID. Apparently, one of these experimental vaccines will be the only option now, if the government has its way.

These representatives say the vaccines will help us:

Go to safety.

Be sure.

To feel safe.

If I could speak to you personally I would tell you:

I was sure.

I’m sure.

I never felt unsafe.

It is a huge waste of taxpayers’ money to impose this on me and millions like me. Like a strong-headed child who just doesn’t listen, the administration and HHS secretary Xavier Becerra still haven’t got the hint. “We’ll go where you are,” Becerra said, rather creepily, in an interview. Sounding more like a stalker than a philanthropist, he added, “… and we’ll do everything we can …” to get anyone a vaccine they don’t want.

Fauci’s message this week is no better. When trying to explain how accessible the vaccine is to everyone, he gave this frustrated response: “It’s easy to get, it’s free, and it’s readily available. Do you know what’s the problem? Get over it. Get over this political statement, just get over it. “

Saying no to the COVID vaccine is not a political statement. Nor is it because people are “hesitant to vaccinate.” The refusal to participate in the government’s vaccine program is based on a deliberate decision. So get over it? No thanks, Tony. No thanks, so are Xavier and Joe. No, thanks also to that woman in last month’s online group. Keep track of your vaccines. Keep her away from me You are not my boss and you never will be.

I’ve done my part to protect myself and my family. I’m still doing my part now. I don’t know what life will be like for each of us when this is over, but I will not let the ineptitude of officials affect my decision. I will certainly not give in to the bullying campaign they are promoting, nor will I allow my children to be their guinea pigs. The data gathered from the vaccinated tells me that those vaccines aren’t all they are anyway. Some cause serious, irreparable damage. What a terrible realization for these people to have to face after the vaccination. I pray that the new normal they are dealing with is manageable.

Cathy Jameson is co-editor for Age of Autism.


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