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Hi, thanks for stopping by. That Millennial Mama is a person that challenges the status quo that boldly welcomes new challenges and dares to make change their best friend. She is the epitome of confidence, resilience, faith and family. She is fashionable, career and business driven, has a knack for doing the impossible and continues to push her family and children to be better.

Experience the life of an entrepreneur/mother/wife/single mother/business woman and many other spheres of aptitude. This blog is a platform for mothers to take charge of their lives and break the challenges and power that total dependency bring on their lives. It is also a learning and teaching forum for readers and enthusiasts. Feel free to read or engage with anything that inspires you and if you have suggestions visit our about us page.

Thank you for your time and attention and we look forward to providing you with memorable experiences and thought provoking information. Happy reading 🙂