June 25, 2021


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About Face Ahead Dwell: New York Eliminates Masks Rule for ALL

Source: Animal House, but you knew that

Apparently we’re seeing a fighting face in New York. From NBC yesterday:

NY removes the mask rule for schools and camps on Monday regardless of vaccination status

State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker, has sent a letter to the CDC asking if the agency has any objections to the changed approach, which would go into effect on Monday regardless of vaccination status

New York plans to end the mask requirement for students and adults in schools and camps across the state starting Monday, unless the CDC objects, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Friday.

At this time, the use of masks indoors is highly recommended but is not required for students, campers and staff, teachers and counselors of all ages, whether or not they are fully vaccinated. Masking outdoors is currently only recommended for unvaccinated campers and counselors under certain higher risk circumstances, according to updated guidelines for the summer Entry into the wallcamps released by the state in May.

I am glad that schools are accepted. Here in Connecticut, we’ve seen confused children more anxious than ever. We have dropped the mask requirement for indoor spaces in many areas, but not in schools. How confusing for children to hear that people without masks, and worse, without a Covid vaccination, are a danger to them. Confusing and cruel. Just last week we had a boy who refused to get out of the car while doing karate because he feared that some children would not wear masks here after the changed requirements. He skipped the class. Who could blame children for not knowing what to feel or think?


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