July 28, 2021


by: admin


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A Well mannered Response to President Biden

That tweet from President Biden scrolled down my Twitter today and I felt compelled to reply. Answer real. Answer politely. Or rather, ask a question politely. I wasn’t raised to be rude to POTUS, elephants, or donkeys.

The president suggests that we have to completely rebuild and rebuild our economy. And I asked, “How”, given the plight of the younger generation, including my 3 daughters. President Trump also had lofty goals, which he called “Make America Great Again”. Both sides of the aisle have ignored the past and present health disasters affecting babies, children, adolescents and young adults. Many years ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported that 50% of children had a chronic illness. Given the trend, that number is certainly higher in 2021. And adults fared no better. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer of all kinds, mental health problems, obesity.

Politics aside, how the hell are we going to improve the “can do!” Attitude of the post-war boom fueled by the Cold War? Post-Covid produces weaker, less fit, anxious, anxious, divided, hesitant Americans who are afraid to think and act for themselves or to listen to those on the “other side”. Who will build this new economy?


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