September 15, 2021


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A UK mom has gained a parenting case in opposition to her employer

Alice was a high performing employee at the time who had recently returned from maternity leave and was looking for a way to manage her work and personal life.

However, her employers denied her request, which resulted in Alice taking her to the UK court. The case resulted in the employer paying Alice £ 180,000 (over 3 million rupees).

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The incident sparked an online debate over whether mothers should receive special treatment in the workplace.

According to some, women should be given leeway to incorporate their family needs into their daily activities.

However, some disagree, having found that children are not the responsibility of the mother alone. If he receives special treatment, this should also apply to the father.

It’s an exciting debate, especially in the context of South Africa, as we know that many households are fatherless and the mother or grandmother is the sole provider.

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We praise Alice for pursuing the issue, but at what point will companies now be able to draw the line to ensure business productivity?

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