November 5, 2021


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9-12 months-Previous Boy Writes E-book To Present Youngsters Like Him That It’s Okay To Be Completely different

Joseph Dodd may only be nine years old, but he’s already inspiring others!

With the help of his mother, he wrote a book that helps children embrace the things that make them unique.

Photo: YouTube / Good Morning America

Joseph spoke to his mother, Jo, about how each of her family members likes and dislikes different things. At such a young age he understood that everyone is unique in their own way.

“We all like different things, and that’s A-OK to me,” Joseph told his mother. As soon as she heard him say that, she knew it would be the perfect title for a book.

Photo: YouTube / Good Morning America

It would soon become the title of the book they wrote together. Reading and writing this book really increased Joseph’s confidence.

He has a learning disability, but realizes that he can do anything he wants.

Photo: YouTube / Good Morning America

The main theme of the book that Joseph hopes children will learn is that people are all different and need not be the same.

He and his mother also hope to raise awareness of learning disabilities and help children like Joseph understand that there is nothing wrong with having a challenge reading or writing.

Photo: YouTube / Good Morning America

Joseph and Jo loved writing the book together so much that they plan to write more in the near future.

The two went to Good Morning America to discuss their new book, which you can watch in the video below:


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