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7 parenting buzzwords we would chortle at once we’re older

One mother asked people what parenting terms and advice they think will be obsolete when our children have children of their own – here is what people said.

When we look back on how we grew up, we find that our parents had some questionable educational methods like spanking, time off, and even drinking and smoking while pregnant. But have you ever wondered what our own children will think of the parenting methods and strategies we use today that feel so normal today?

Well, a parent on Reddit using the username piratefinch, started a thread in the subreddit / r / beyondthebump, which asks exactly this question: What buzzwords and advice for parenting are we currently following with our children, who will eventually date our generation when our children are parents themselves? Check out her original post:

Obviously, Reddit’s parents had a lot to say, so we’ve rounded up some of the most talked-about buzzwords that people thought would make us seem old when we finally (and hopefully!) Become grandparents. And as you read, keep in mind that this list doesn’t mean any particular word or parenting advice is good or bad – it’s just people’s opinions!

Leap in development & wonder weeks

The miracle weeks has been around since the 1990s. The married couple Frans Plooij and Hetty van de Rijt published their parents’ book with this title in 1992, in which they explained the mental jumps babies go through in developing their brains. Since then the term “Leaps in development” has come into the realm of parenting to mean essentially the same thing – it only applies to the years after the baby phase as well.

Although these concepts have been around for a while, parents on Reddit thought that “jump” would seem out of date because your child is essentially constantly developing and growing (it’s kind of their job!). “So there is no point waiting for things to plateau so you can catch your breath” – as user AbsurdistMama said on the thread – because your kids are constantly changing.

Sleep regressions

As parents, we often associate sleep regression with leaps in development – and while some parents stand by this idea, others think it isn’t really helpful. “Knowing that a sleep regression is happening doesn’t help much,” wrote one Jingle_Cat user. “And parents need to worry unnecessarily, as many children go through none or all of the so-called regression phases.” Most of all, their main point is that sometimes children definitely have trouble sleeping, but there is no really dry schedule for when these difficulties arise. Basically every child is different and sometimes people just aren’t good sleepers.

The pressure to be a “mom boss”

A user named higginsnburke nominated the terms “mom boss” and “domestic engineer” and the like, suggesting that mothers should be expected and able to work full-time while also being full-time mothers. Not only should mothers who are bosses be called simply “Boss” (without the “mama” modifier), but it is annoying that our generation has been told that we can and should “have it all” and that we owe ourselves should feel when we can’t (and for the most part you really can’t unless you adjust your understanding of What does it mean exactly).

Another user named I_Upvote_Goldens agreed with this sentiment, saying, “I HATE the glorification of diving into a full-time job full time while being a mom.” While some people have no choice but to do so to provide for their families, and many people have rewarding careers and family upbringing, the social pressures to be a “mom martyr” or “super mom”, and that with it accompanying “Mama fault“Are probably things that we should rather leave behind.

Gender Revealed & “Boy / Girl Mothers”

We fully agree with this. It’s not just gender reveal parties only genitally revealed (Why do people care what genitals the baby has ?!) but so many of these parties have it ended in disaster and actually harmed people. Fortunately, the thread’s users were also interested in making gender revelations a thing of the past. “Gender revelations are SO problematic. In 20 years, people will be appalled by her, ”wrote user Eva_Luna.

The terms “boy mom” and “Girl mom“Were also mentioned in the thread. While people didn’t have much to say other than nominating these terms – a user named jordynelsonjr simply posted “Boy mom … barf” – it’s easy to see why it is like to identify with the type of genitals which your child has in their pants twitches a bit.

Montessori at home

Montessori daycare has always been around, but our generation seems to be really bringing Montessori home with wooden toys and simple playrooms (we even have instructions on how to do this!). While the Montessori mindset certainly has its merits, parents said they were tired of using the buzz word as an excuse to make wooden toys more expensive. “I saw a video of someone looking at a website that was selling very expensive Montessori toys while saying the entire Montessori movement should be a cheaper alternative,” wrote one user speaking of noon movies. “[There’s also] the general complaint that anything simple and made of wood is called Montessori. “

[Insert adjective here] Parenting styles

When you think of parenting styles, do you automatically think of adjectives like “helicopter”, “crispy”, “gentle”, “snowplow” and “lawnmower”? The parents in the thread have mostly just mentioned these by name without explaining them further, but it seems that many of these styles are specific to our parent generation. “I’ve always found parenting terms complicated,” wrote one Jonisca user. “Gentle upbringing, lawn mowers, etc., etc. And what, snow plow and crisp? Oh my goodness-“

Many users specifically mentioned gentle parenting, especially because it can be so vague. A user of TinyMe3897 posted this about the term, “I was part of a gentle parenting group on FB and I can say that while the members were advocates of being gentle with their children, the same couldn’t be said when they (some of them) gave advice to others! “

Baby carriers

Many users named carrying babies a trendy buzzword that is specific to our generation. However, it has existed in many different ways since ancient times Parts of the world, so we don’t really believe that carrying your baby with some kind of carrier will be out of date anytime soon. However, a user who calls himself notarussianbotsky put it perfectly: “Literally, people have been carrying their babies since the dawn of mankind. The term is just trendy. ”Who knows what people will call it in the future?


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