December 28, 2021


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5 Parenting Developments To Embrace in New 12 months

The COVID-19 may not have had a direct impact on children in terms of the spread of the virus or the extent of the symptoms and side effects caused by the pandemic. However, the indirect effects have been largely significant and the collateral damage for the younger generation enormous. Be it the loss of social life from a lack of activities in schools and playgrounds, reduced interpersonal interactions from taking long online courses followed by schoolwork, or the inability to spend time with parents, most of whom spend their time Do work from home.

Since today’s generation is facing an unprecedented challenge, it also requires a sure instinct and special behavior from the parents in order to be able to keep pace with the changing times and the increased demands of parenting and raising children. With the New Year coming, it is time for some of us to make new resolutions. For parents, likely resolutions can stem from changes that they can adopt in their parenting style. Here are some of the DOs and DONTs of parenting trends that you are likely to see in the years to come that can influence your decision-making:

Communicate trauma

Although trauma-informed parenting seems important only to children with severe behavioral problems, it can help any parent or caregiver feel more prepared to respond to their children’s actions. In addition, if not treated sensitively and empathically, trauma can creep into adulthood and impair a person’s optimal functioning.

Internet as a safe place

The pandemic has of course increased internet usage due to the transition to a virtual way of life. While children attend classes online, most of their interaction is now also restricted to the Internet. While it cannot be avoided, it can be abused or proven unsafe for children. Parents have a job to make the internet a safe place for them while understanding their needs.

Experience of material gifts

It is imperative that children learn right from the start to place more value on experiences than on material goods. Giving them an experience will remind them of you and the time you spent together to curate a memorable experience for them. It could reward them for their academic achievements by allowing them to design their bedroom the way they like it, with the help of you decorating and painting.

Gender-neutral upbringing

Gender neutral upbringing means bringing up children without pressure to adapt to gender roles. Instead, they are free to be whoever they choose. Being gender neutral can help promote the child’s development of self-esteem and self-esteem. Early childhood classifications such as “blue or pink” and “wheels or heels” ensure that children are forced into rigid gender binaries that can prove harmful to the child and the idea of ​​an inclusive society.

Listen better

Listening is an important aspect of the parent-child bond because it promotes the bond between the two. Effective listening can help parents decipher or understand what their child is unable to convey due to a lack of language skills or a refusal to open up. It can also help in building a friendlier and more accessible connection that many Indian households are struggling with.

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