July 20, 2021


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5 causes this TikTok child bib hack makes zero sense

If it sounds too good to be true, turning your old onesies into brand new bibs, that’s because it is. And it’s kind of gross too.

We’ve seen countless baby hacks and trends on social media over the years (and sometimes still debating whether “Cheese” your baby was funny or mean), but this new bib trick makes us scratch our heads. The video below shows a person taking a regular old baby romper, cutting off the bottom part (the part with the snaps), and then wrapping it around a baby’s neck as a bib.

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At first glance, the trick seems pretty ingenious, especially since it feels like babies are growing out of these Newborn onesies practically overnight. And let’s face it, the promise to get some extra use out of these fleeting baby clothes is enticing. But after some thought, we wonder if the latest TikTok hack has any value at all.

Here are five reasons why we won’t be turning old onesies into bibs anytime soon.

1) There is a direct risk of strangulation

We’re surprised to see so many TikTok users (and even other parenting media brands) get excited about this hack, without mentioning that it really isn’t the safest idea. Health Canada cautions parents not to put something like a necklace, string, or ribbon around the neck of a child under three due to the possibility of strangulation. Since it doesn’t have a fastener or quick release fastener at the back, this homemade bib wouldn’t get OK from your pediatrician.

2) It’s a little … gross?

Since there’s not much point in cutting up a brand new unworn romper to make a bib (even if your baby has outgrown it, wouldn’t it be better to donate it or keep it for your next child?) that the hack is for used onesies. But do you really want to put something next to your baby’s face that almost certainly has already fallen victim? a recent explosion of feces? In order not to be precious here, but you have to admit it is a bit eternal.

3) You’d probably only get a few benefits from it

You would have to stretch the one piece’s fabric to put it on and take off, and with no seam or hem to keep the one piece’s shape, it would likely stretch after the first few uses. And if the fabric sags under your baby’s neck, the bib becomes pretty useless. You can just as easily go freestyle and bibless.

4) It won’t be the most absorbent bib on your list

Baby rompers are usually made of soft, thin, lightweight cotton that isn’t really suitable for handling heavy spilling and spitting. It can help to wipe your mouth a little here or there, but you will likely need to place the onesie bib over a real bib for adequate absorbency and spill protection. At this pace, you might as well stick with a traditional bib.

5) It doesn’t save any money

Even if money is tight, you can buy a bib for little money in the dollar store. Indeed, Here are 10 bibs for a little less than a dollar each. So if this hack is about saving money, it’s a stretch.


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