January 9, 2022


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41 Parenting Merchandise That’ll Make Your Life Simpler

Promising review: “Ohhhh, what a lifesaver. My husband is the pancake maker in our house, he does that something special with the kids on weekends, while he lets me sleep in a bit. But when I wake up and come downstairs, I am Always found a big mess to clean up. He cooks them but never cleaned up. I never complained (hey, I’m sleeping off !!) only mixing bowls that weren’t rinsed with now dried pancake batter, but dough drops on my stove, on the Bottom and in my CLEAN cast iron pan that sits next to the stove. I had enough when I came down to find dried pancake batter on THREE of the stovetops. I had to disassemble the stove to clean it. Making memories with the kids is great doing more work for mom is NOT! I saw this pancake mixer in passing while browsing Amazon and knew I had to get it. It worked rt. Great. The clutter is gone. The only thing I have to do is rinse this product out when it gets up and put it in the dishwasher. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Blenderbottle. You took a lot of stress off my shoulders !! “—Dugrace

Promising review: “LOVE IT! I read the reviews before buying and wasn’t sure if this would be what I wanted. I was pleasantly surprised! That’s perfect! I wanted to make school day life easier and it really does. The trick! Super easy to use. Goes straight in the dishwasher. ” —Veronica

Get it from Amazon for $ 14.99.


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